Steph Curry Pokes Fun at Tom Brady, LeBron James During ESPYs

by Dustin Schutte

Steph Curry puts up plenty of shots over the course of an NBA season. On Wednesday night, he saved some for the likes of NFL legend Tom Brady and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James during the ESPYs.

Fresh of an NBA championship and Finals MVP honor, Curry hosted this year’s ESPYs event. Though he said there were some nerves entering the night, the NBA All-Star delivered some great lines.

During the course of the night, Curry took slight jabs at Tom Brady and LeBron James — both of which caught plenty of attention. Here are some of the clips from Wednesday night’s show:

Of Brady coming out of retirement, Curry said, “Tom Brady is the only guy I know on earth who’d rather get hit by Aaron Donald than hang out with a supermodel.”

Curry also poked fun of James, who hosted the ceremony in 2007. James hosted after his Cleveland Cavaliers team lost in the NBA Finals — a point the sharp-shooter from Golden State wanted to make.

So, Curry might’ve had some nerves heading into the night, but he handled everything well. Although Brady and James might have some words with him after the show.

Steph Curry Admitted to Nerves Before Hosting the ESPY’s

You’d think a professional athlete like Steph Curry would be accustomed to the big stage. And there’s no question he’s comfortable in the spotlight on the basketball court. Hosting an awards show, though? That’s a bit different.

Curry said before Wednesday night’s ceremony that he’s incredibly nervous to take the microphone.

“I’m more nervous already just thinking about that vibe,” Curry said recently, per “Basketball is reactionary and I spend every waking hour thinking about it, practicing and preparing. I’ll do that same preparation for this, but it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster.”

Curry pulled a veteran move and asked previous hosts for advice. Those hosts? Drake and Peyton Manning.

“I talked to Drake and Peyton Manning about what the hosting gig is really like, so I’m obviously nervous and excited and all the different emotions,” Curry said, per People Magazine.

That move appears to have paid off for the NBA Finals MVP.