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Steph Curry Responds to James Harden Rumors, Doubles Down on Staying with Warriors Long-Term

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Basketball superstar, Steph Curry, gives his thoughts on the swirling trade rumors around the NBA. In particular, Curry talks about the raging rumors surrounding James Harden.

Curry even touches on a potential reuniting with Kevin Durant. Nonetheless, the three-time NBA champion, and perennial all-star, says that he is focusing more on himself than anything else.

While he knows that these rumors consume the media coverage and he has to acknowledge them at times, he wants to remain on his task at hand.

These rumors are big news. So, Curry talks about it despite wanting his own contract with the Golden State Warriors. Recently, he went on “95.7 The Game” to talk about all the things going on in basketball.

For context, at the beginning of December, a report surfaced that the Warriors reportedly had an interest in trading for James Harden. Then, unexpectedly, Klay Thompson tore his Achilles again, and the talks between the slowed down.

“What was it? Probably like two or three years ago? There was a rumor that LeBron was gonna leave Cleveland and come play for us. There’s all types of stuff that you hear. And that’s all part of the small world that is the NBA rumor circles and whatnot.”

Curry expounds on this, saying that the NBA is still a business and shouldn’t be looked at any differently. Curry also doesn’t put much stock into trade or signing rumors.

“Some of the stuff you kind of laugh at some of the stuff is just a part of the business. But, until anything happens in this league, you kinda just brush it off. It’s part of the nature of the business.”

Steph Curry Wants to Remain a Warrior

Above all else, Curry wants to stay in California with the Warriors for the rest of his career. Curry will certainly warrant a max-style contract.

“I want to play here for the rest of my career. That is a priority.”

Currently, he is playing on a 201 million dollar salary. He still has two more years left on that deal, playing on it till 2022. So, the extension might not come immediately, but he hopes it will eventually come.

“We’ll see what happens in 13 days. Either way it goes, I don’t plan on switching jerseys anytime soon.”

In the interview, he also says that he wants to play for a long time, just like his dad, Dell Curry. He is entering his twelfth season in the NBA.

“You can’t predict the future. I’ve always said I want to play as long as I can play at the level I want to be at. And hopefully, you can be in that position where you end it on your own terms. Whatever that means, hopefully, that is closer to 40.”