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Steph Curry Thanks Brittney Griner for Her ‘Sacrifice’ After Release From Russian Prison, Social Media Sounds Off

by Samantha Whidden
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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

As the world continues to react to Brittney Griner being released from Russian custody, NBA star Steph Curry shared his thoughts by using what some might say is a controversial remark on the situation. 

Sports Illustrated reports that during his speech at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards on Thursday (December 8th), Steph Curry spoke about Brittney Griner coming back to the U.S. The WNBA player was released after nearly 10 months of being in Russian custody. “We are glad she’s home,” Curry declared. “We’re glad she’s reunited with her family. It’s a constant reminder for everyone continuing to use their platforms to speak on issues that are meaningful and can move the needle. Thank you to President Biden’s administration for being a part of that fight.”

Steph Curry said Griner’s situation reminds Americans to stay engaged in the fight to protect each citizen. Especially those who are wrongfully detained. “BG, we love you. We thank you for your sacrifice and your continued perseverance and patience to get through this process, and hope you enjoy reuniting with your family. We are always with you BG.”

Along with speaking about her during his speech, Steph Curry also spoke about Brittney Griner on the event’s red carpet. “It is amazing that Brittney’s home,” Curry explained. “It was obviously too long of a process to get her back from being unlawfully and unrightly detained in Russia. I think one, shout out to President Biden and his administration and all the athletes, activists, people who used their platform to speak on her behalf.”

Steph Curry added it is great news that Brittney Griner is finally home. “Excited to see her get back with her family. 

The Internet Reacts to Steph Curry’s Comments About Brittney Griner 

Meanwhile, the Internet reacts to Steph Curry’s comments about Brittney Griner in what could be considered as obviously not well. 

“One person’s selfish decision to break another country’s law by bringing in illegal contraband has made the entire world less safe,” one person stated. “This isn’t that hard to state the obvious.”

Another person asked, “Said ‘sacrifice’ was what, again? The only person who made a sacrifice was the US Marine left behind. We got a hash smoking U.S. hater back and left a U.S. loving American hero behind. Thanks, Seth. Stick to your hoops.”

However, not everyone criticized the comment and understood what Curry meant about Griner’s sacrifice. “Whether she actually had that small amount of hash or not is irrelevant,” a Twitter user wrote. “(But odd you all defer to supporting the Russian government). She was excessively punished for a minor offense in context of being a notable US athlete, all as a pawn of the Russian government.”