WATCH: Stephen A. Smith, Jerry Jones Ride in Helicopter During ESPN’s ‘First Take’ Show

by Nick Geddes

Nobody – and I mean nobody – knows how to make an entrance like Stephen A. Smith. The star of ESPN‘s “First Take” outdid himself on Thursday as he made his way to Frisco, Texas – the home of the Cowboys’ training facility and team owner Jerry Jones.

With thousands of Cowboys fans awaiting his arrival at The Star, Smith knew he couldn’t just walk on set with the ol’ cigar and cowboy hat, as he’s done in the past. Stephen A. Smith, instead, opted to come not on horseback, but via a chopper.

But he wasn’t alone.

Jerry Jones, his good friend, was right next to him as the two led into the beginning of “First Take.”

Smith and co. are in town for the Cowboys’ first annual Season Kickoff event. ESPN made the announcement two weeks ago, advertising Jones and Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.

“Howdy! How do you do! Normally, I wouldn’t think of coming to Dallas this time of year. It’s probably too damn hot – and the Cowboys don’t lose games that matter in August,” Smith said. “However, my presence has been requested, so who am I to deny the people of what they want. I have just one favor to ask: can all those folks who were crying on national television when last seen please show up? Haaaaaaaaaaa! See ya on Aug. 25th.”

Stephen A. Smith Officially Back for ESPN After Hiatus

Stephen A. Smith recently made his return to “First Take” following a near two-month absence. The 54-year-old was sidelined after undergoing shoulder surgery. During his return show on Aug. 15, Smith arrived to the set on a boat alongside Michael Irvin.

Smith was notably welcomed back by Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, who poked fun at the “First Take” host.

“Stephen A., we’re all happy to have you back on First Take after your surgery and we’re pleased you’re doing well. But there is some question about how much time do you need off,” Saban said. “You know, I had my hip replaced and I was back to work the next day, and I realize they don’t make them like they used to and some people just do anything to get a day off. But good luck and god bless, my friend.”