Stephen A Smith Roasts Michael Irvin for NFL Gameday Outfit: ‘Lord Have Mercy’

by Madison Miller

Stephen A Smith is once again using his Twitter voice to talk about all things NFL.

This time his tweet centered around Michael Irvin and his gameday outfit.

“False! False, @NFLGameDay. The fruits and berries are not in @michaelirvin88’s hair. It’s in that suit and shirt get-up! Lord have mercy. Our boy needs prayer.”

The outfit in question? Irvin showed up to “ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown” with a bright blue checkered suit. Underneath he has a pink shirt and a floral orange tie. In reality, he does look like a mixture between Fred from Scooby-Doo and Austin Powers.

One user commented on Smith’s post with, “Is it just me or do every time I read a SAS tweet I just imagine him yelling saying this.”

Stephen A. Smith on Super Bowl

In terms of who is going to win the Super Bowl, Stephen A Smith was rooting for the Steelers. However, he was incredibly impressed by the Browns’ performance so far.

He expressed in an episode of “First Take” that he think Baker Mayfield is the player really driving the team to success.

“I’m impressed with what the hell I’m seeing from Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield is ballin’. We have to give credit where credit is due. His last seven games, the last seven weeks, Baker Mayfield has thrown one interception. I’m impressed with what I’m seeing from [Cleveland]. I’m more confident in them now than I was weeks ago. Buffalo, Tennessee, Indy may be there [in the playoffs]. Can the Browns beat one of them? Yeah,” Smith said.

The Browns are a bit of an underdog, as this is their first time in the playoffs in 18 years. Browns fans get to see football past Week 17, which has to be a fantastic feeling.

“They will go to the Steel City this Sunday, and they will GO DOWN! It’s nice that you’re in the playoffs, but now it’s time to go home,” Smith said in the past.

Now, however, the Steelers lost against the Browns 37-48 on Jan. 10. The Browns are the last AFC North team remaining. The Ravens and Steelers have lost their spot to win the Super Bowl. He not so nicely called the Steelers “a disgrace” after their epic loss.

The Browns will test their luck and Mayfield today against the Chiefs.