Stephen A. Smith Slams NFL Fans Upset Over Eagles Loss: ‘Stop the Nonsense’

by Will Shepard

On Sunday, January 3, the Philadelphia Eagles seemed to tank during the game. While this immediately sparked outrage from current players, fans, and media members, Stephen A. Smith has a different take.

During the game, the Eagles’ head coach decided to pull his quarterback from the game. Even though it was still a close game and Jalen Hurts was playing well, the backup quarterback was put in the game. During the fourth quarter, Nate Sudfeld entered the game and promptly threw an interception.

Not only were the fans watching the game upset, but even the announcers during the game began criticizing Pederson. If the Eagles had won the game, the New York Giants would have gotten into the playoffs. Twitter was ablaze with criticism for Doug Pederson.

However, Stephen A. is vehemently defending Pederson’s actions. On ESPN’s First Take show this morning (Jan. 4), Stephen A. blasts the people who are upset by the Eagles trying to lose the game.

At the start of the clip, Stephen A. acts as if he’s a baby and says, “wah, wah, wah!” and he quickly follows it up by telling fans to stop it. Stephen A. then lists several people who need to stop acting so ridiculous about the Eagles’ loss.

Stephen A. Says There’s a “Silver Lining to Losing”

Next, he begins talking about how many people the Eagles were missing for the game. Additionally, he adds that in his opinion, Jalen Hurts was not playing “lights out.” He points out that Hurts was “7 out of 20 for 72 yards.” Stephen A. then says that Hurts was missing wide-open throws. So, pulling him out of the game is not as crazy as it may seem.

But, Stephen A. acknowledges that Doug Pederson clearly didn’t care about winning the football game. Additionally, he says that even if the Eagles won the game, it would only serve to give them a worse draft pick.

“The bottom line is this. For you Eagles fans out there, pump the brakes. There’s a silver lining; your season has been sorry; your team has been garbage; your defense coordinator, Schwartz, is gonna be gone; Doug Pederson is lucky he’s going to be there;… it’s been an absolute positive mess.”

To be fair, the Eagles losing that game means that they improve their draft pick in the 2021 draft by three picks. For a bad team, this can be a franchise-altering pick. The Eagles are certainly in that category this year. So, Stephen A. says that for those people wanting to win that game, they should relax.