Stephen A. Smith Super Bowl Post Goes Viral After Tweeting Random Person Instead of Chiefs’ Punter

by Halle Ames

Don’t you just hate it when your mean tweet gets lost in translation? Yeah, same here. Stephen A. Smith took to social media to call out the Chiefs punter for his poor kicks. The attempted post, however, went horribly wrong. 

ESPN’s outspoken journalist, Stephen A. Smith, did what everyone did last night. He took to social media to complain and tweet every thought he had about the Super Bowl. Smith’s didn’t pan out the way he intended, though. 

Stephen A. Smith tried to call out the Chiefs rookie punter, Tommy Townsend, for his unhelpful punt that may have hurt the Chiefs more than it aided them. 

You could say Tommy Townsend was a little of practice coming into the Super Bowl game yesterday. The 24-year-old University of Florida alumi has only debuted in one of two postseason games before Sunday. 

However, the Chiefs put him to the test early in last night’s Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Townsend has three first-half punts going for a total of 101 yards. 

Townsend actually started off strong with a decent punt that was called back for a penalty. Again, the long-haired punter booted a 51-yarder that went for a touchback. The next two weren’t nearly as eventful. 

Tommy Townsend kicked a 27-yarder out of bounds at the Tampa Bay 30-yard line. Tampa marched the ball back down the Chiefs one-yard line. 

The last punt went for a mere 29-yard that ended with Tom Brady throwing a 17-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Software Engineer for Bad Punt

Stephen A. Smith was not happy with the performance, taking to Twitter to call out the player.

“WTH!!!!! This rookie punter @Townsend looks too damn scared to be out there. What in the hell are you doing, shanking a punt that badly???” 

It turns out, Stephen A. Smith didn’t call out Tommy Townsend at all. Smith tagged a man named Jason Townsend, who apologized for his lack of NFL knowledge and punting abilities. 

“Sorry, dude, I don’t have any prior NFL or college football experience. I just played flag football in high school a little bit.”

According to Jason Townsend’s bio, he is a software engineer and father to two sons. Not to be confused with Tommy Townsend, the 6’1″ 24-year-old Chiefs punter.  

The hilarious mishap has gone viral on Twitter with over 15,000 likes and growing. 

Stephen A. Smith has yet to comment on the post about the case of mistaken identity, but we sure are enjoying it.