Stone Cold Steve Austin Day: How ‘Austin 3:16’ Came About and the WWE Stars Best Moments

by Clayton Edwards

It’s March sixteenth. Do you know what that means? If you guessed, “The day before Saint Paddy’s Day,” you’re only half right. More importantly, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin Day! Can we get a hell yeah? It might be Tuesday, but that doesn’t matter. Today is a great day to crack open a frosty adult beverage and celebrate one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history.

Since pounding brews at work is frowned upon, we’re going to celebrate by looking back at some of the Texas Rattlesnake‘s best moments. For now, anyway.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Attitude Era and Origin of Austin 3:16

It has been almost twenty years since Stone Cold Steve Austin retired from the ring. However, the sound of shattering glass and the driving guitar riff still gives many wrestling fans a jolt of adrenaline. In the heyday of the Attitude Era, that’s how you knew things were going to get interesting. It didn’t matter if he was talking smack, handing out Stone Cold Stunners like Halloween candy, or driving a beer truck to the ring, Austin was always the best part of any WWE (then WWF) broadcast.

Austin 3:16 Says…

Before we dig into some of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s best moments, let’s look at the origin of the iconic Austin 3:16. It all started moments after Austin beat Jake “The Snake” Roberts to claim the title of King of the Ring. At the time, Roberts was making a brief return to the ring. Behind the scenes, Jake had found Jesus. He carried his newfound faith into the ring with him. He worked a preacher man gimmick and carried an albino python he called Revelations. Roberts would often quote scripture while on the microphone. So, Austin took time in his post-match interview to mock Roberts’ gimmick before calling out the rest of the roster.

During that interview, he said, “You sit there and you thump your Bible and you say your prayers and it didn’t get you anywhere. Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16. Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass.” With that, a whole new chapter in the legend of Stone Cold Steve Austin began.

The Stunner Heard ‘Round the World

A little over a year after coining his iconic catchphrase and becoming King of the Ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin ignited one of his most famous rivalries. He was stripped of the Intercontinental Championship and Tag Team Championship belts after a neck injury left him medically unfit to compete.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up in the ring, he is confronted by a handful of NYC’s finest. As they look like they’re on the verge of slapping cuffs on The Texas Rattlesnake, Vince McMahon enters the ring and tries to talk some sense into Austin. He explains to him that he can’t compete because his doctors say he needs to take time to heal. At the same time, McMahon says that he, the WWF, and the fans all care about Austin. No one wants to see him in a wheelchair. Everyone wants to see him in the ring. Just when everyone thinks that Austin is starting to cool down, he gives McMahon a Stone Cold Stunner and allows the cops to arrest him.

This kicks off a rivalry that would last for years to come.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Cements His Rivalry with McMahon

The rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon raged on for years. It seemed like every week they found another way to get at one another. At one point, Austin snuck into an injured McMahon’s hospital room and beat him with a bedpan. The next week, Vince was back on Raw. However, he wisely hid from Austin in a locked office.

What he didn’t hide from Stone Cold Steve Austin was his brand new, white, Corvette convertible. Since the Texas Rattlesnake couldn’t get to Vince, he took his frustration out on his car. He drove into the arena’s parking garage in a huge cement truck. After a little back and forth with a commentator, Austin find’s Vince’s car and fills it with cement.

Stone Cold Shares a Beer With The Corporation

Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and The Rock calling themselves The Corporation, were all in the ring gloating. While talking about The Rock’s upcoming match with Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music starts playing. Instead of an angry Rattlesnake coming down the ramp, the trio sees a Coor’s Light truck.

Austin hops out of the cab and climbs on top of the truck. Once there, he addresses the crowd before cutting a pretty impressive promo on The Rock. He closes by saying that when he takes the belt he plans to drink a whole bunch of beer. But, they should share a pre-match cold one. So, as The Rock is talking smack, Austin gets a hose from the side of the truck and soaks the ring and everyone in it with beer. This might be one of the greatest moments in WWE history.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Wrestling Legend

Stone Cold Steve Austin is more than just crazy antics, gallons of beer, and a foul mouth. He is one of the most accomplished and iconic pro wrestlers in history. He made the Attitude Era of the WWF what it was. During his time with the promotion, he took home six WWF Championship belts, two Intercontinental Championships, and won the Royal Rumble three times which is a WWE record. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Currently, Stone Cold Steve Austin hosts “Straight Up Steve Austin.” To celebrate today’s occasion you can get yourself a cold sixer of Austin’s own beer, Broken Skull IPA.