Struggling Chicago White Sox Reportedly Have ‘No Leadership In That Clubhouse’

by Dustin Schutte

Life, apparently, is pretty rough these days inside the Chicago White Sox locker room. The on-field play has been questionable at times during the season, but some recent talks about what’s happening in the clubhouse might explain a lot.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale says there’s not a lot of positivity coming from the White Sox dugout these days. In an interview with 670 The Score, Nightengale highlighted some major league concerns for the South Siders.

“The answer I get just inside the clubhouse, I mean, guys are complaining about Tony La Russa, guys complain about the front office and things like that. But when it comes down to it, everybody is saying there’s really no leadership in that clubhouse,” Nightengale said per NBC Sports.

As hectic as it sounds inside Chicago’s locker room, things aren’t that bad for La Russa’s club. The White Sox are less than six games behind the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central, even with a 42-45 record.

Is it disappointing after a strong 2021 campaign? Sure. The White Sox can probably be labeled as the most disappointing team in baseball thus far. It’s just not a completely lost cause. Yet.

If the club can pull together, things could get interesting for the South Siders later this summer and into fall.

Chicago White Sox Can Play Catch Up

Bob Nightengale painted a pretty bleak picture regarding Chicago’s situation in 2022. And though a sub-.500 record before the All-Star break isn’t what fans had in mind, things can quickly turn for the White Sox.

Following a four-game series with the Cleveland Guardians, the White Sox will battle the Minnesota Twins in a four-game series before heading into the Midsummer Classic. There’s a chance to make up some serious ground in the division race.

If Chicago can chip away at Minnesota’s lead, maybe things won’t be so bleak for the Sox after all. And maybe it will start to pull the locker room a little closer together moving forward.