Sunday Night Football Fans Fed Up With Cris Collinsworth’s Constant Praise of Patrick Mahomes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tonight’s Sunday Night Football game has NFL fans tuning in for the Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady battle, but Cris Collinsworth is drawing fans’ ire again. Viewers are just uncomfortable and a little frustrated with the constant praise he’s giving the Chief’s quarterback.

Tampa Bay and Kansas City, a matchup that fans have been dying to watch. Of course, the Chiefs have a bit of a grudge for the Super Bowl loss in 2021. The GOAT ended up sending the young QB home without a back-to-back Super Bowl win. Since then, there has been a bit of tension between the two on the field.

Big game. Big players. We get it. But fans just can’t stand Cris Collinsworth’s announcing. The only good thing was the Collinsworth slide is back.

Fans ‘Uncomfortable’ with Cris Collinsworth

If there’s anything that Cris Collinsworth is doing by praising Mahomes so much, it’s just making it a strange situation. The Chiefs have been one of the best teams in football since they drafted Mahomes. It doesn’t need to be said over and over for these viewers.

As far as others, they are looking for a way to circumvent Collinsworth altogether. From a mute button to changing over to the Spanish language broadcast. You gotta do what you gotta do.

And don’t even talk about that Super Bowl loss in Tampa Bay! Cris Collinsworth was very clear about this. Mahomes had a toe issue and couldn’t move as well.

What do you say, Outsiders? Is Collinsworth just doing too much on these broadcasts? Appreciating the players and the game is one thing, but people are finding it distracting at this point. But then again, who can blame Collinsworth? We all saw what Mahomes did tonight and it was about as close to a magic trick on the football field as you can get.

This has been a game where it’s all Chiefs. They got a fumble recovery on the opening kickoff, a quick touchdown after that, and since then have been rolling on the Bucs led by Tom Brady. They led at halftime 28-17.