Super Bowl 2021: The Weeknd Spent $7M of Own Money for Halftime Show

by Will Shepard

The Weeknd is going huge for his Super Bowl gig this year. In fact, he is putting $7 million of his own money into the concert to make it extra special.

The Weeknd is taking center stage at the Super Bowl on February 7 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Moreover, he is working especially hard to get viewers to have an enjoyable halftime show. Almost all of the people will be watching from home as the pandemic still rages.

In a recent interview with Billboard, The Weeknd talks about the performance. He also talks about how he wants to make the home viewers’ experience as good as possible.

“We’ve been really focusing on dialing in on the fans at home and making performances a cinematic experience, and we want to do that with the Super Bowl.”

The Weeknd Is Putting $7 Million of His Own Money Into the Super Bowl

The Weeknd’s manager, Amir Esmailian, says that the Super Bowl is something that he has always wanted. However, he says that their team didn’t think they would land the gig so soon.

“We always had the Super Bowl on our bucket list, and we’ve always had timelines for all of our goals. It came a few years earlier than we expected.”

Even though the details about the show are limited, they are going to do their best to impress. The Weeknd hasn’t revealed much about what the show is going to entail, but he is putting his own money to work. His main goal is to “make this halftime show be what he envisioned.”

According to his other manager, Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby says that The Weeknd isn’t concerning himself with the cost of the show. He also notes that it has always been that way.

“He has never been driven by money. I didn’t know what having money really felt like. I don’t know what it feels like to lose money if I never had it. Even to this day with the label, it’s like, ‘Guys, I will put my own money into this music video. It’s happening.'”

There is a lot of work to do to top last year’s performance. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s show last year had roughly 104 million viewers. However, as the pandemic is still happening, there is a good chance that The Weeknd could set a viewing record.