Super Bowl Ads Selling for Insane Prices Are Nearly Sold Out

by Jonathan Howard

Last year, the pandemic put a damper on the NFL season. With empty stands, even the Super Bowl was a bit, eh. However, with full stadiums and business, as usual, hype and excitement are at all-time highs. While nothing beats a good Super Bowl ad, they do not come cheap. That hasn’t stopped brands from spending big to get their own 30-second spot.

Already, one day before the season actually starts, there are just a “few” ads for Super Bowl 56 left. That’s according to NBC Sports, who also says each ad is going for $6.5 million. That is music to NBC’s ears. Especially after a disappointing result from the Tokyo Olympics. When they say there aren’t many ads left, they mean “under five” according to reports.

With a new year, there are new advertisers and brands. Each is looking for their own angle and spot to show off their brand. There were interesting ads last year. Many viewers noted the Dolly Parton rework of 9 to 5. However, it was a year without a Pepsi or Budweiser ad which was a bit of a break from tradition. While there is no confirmation on if they will return, there is another industry attempting to make their way into the Super Bowl breaks.

Super Bowl of Cryptocurrency?

If there has been one industry that has blossomed in the last year, it is cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to get in on it. Whether you understand it or not, it is going to be around for quite some time. With so many people throwing a little money or a whole lot into crypto coins it has become a bit of a trend in the last year. So, it makes sense that there will be plenty of crypto between the plays at the Super Bowl.

NBC also pointed out that there has been a demand from the crypto market for these ad slots. It will be interesting to see what kind of digital wallets, coins, and other crypto-related brands will be advertised. With prices going above $6 million it is hard to imagine what products will have that money to spend. That doesn’t include the production budget and all that goes into making the commercial itself.

Fans should be happy, with all that money being invested there should be some good commercials. It is always fun to talk about this subject because it is the only time that we as a society fret over ads. Of course, it is a Super Bowl tradition that brands go all-out with their best projects. With so many eyes on the screen during the game, it is well worth the high cost. By the time the season starts, there might not be any open slots available. Excitement is only going to build throughout the season.