Super Bowl LV: Tom Brady Drops Epic Hype Video for Big Game

by Thad Mitchell

If anyone in the NFL is qualified to speak on the importance of the Super Bowl — It’s Tom Brady.

The long-awaited Super Bowl LV is almost here. The game will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. It is expected to be a game for the ages pitting the two best team in the NFL together in a game for all the marbles.

It will be Brady’s tenth Super Bowl appearance as he goes for a record seventh Super Bowl win. The former New England Patriots and current Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback took to social media on Sunday to share a hype video. It’s clear from the video that Brady is ready to do battle in tonight’s big game.

“Once more into the fray…LFG,” the All Pro quarterback writes in the Instagram post’s caption space.

Brady has quite the social media presence with more than 8.3 followers on Instagram alone. His hype video was viewed more than 740,000 times in under an hour since it went live on the social media site. It has also taken in thousands of comments and shares as well.

Tom Brady Readies for Super Bowl With Hype Video

With Brady narrating, the video shows clips of the Bucs 2020 season and how they made it to the super bowl. It also shows a “pirate ship” with orange sails, one of the team’s primary colors.

“In this journey there is no final destination,” the quarterback says as the pirate ship sails the seas. “There is only the next one.”

Brady has definitely established himself as the Bucs’ battle captain this year in his first season with the team. He lead the team to a 11-5 regular season. In the playoffs where they knocked off the favored Green Bay Packers to advance to tonight’s Super Bowl. Brady spent his first 20 NFL season with the New England Patriots, winning six NFL championships with the team in nine appearances. Now 43-years-old, Brady has yet to reveal if he intends on playing another NFL season.