Super Bowl LV: Tony Romo Has NFL Fans Divided Over His Analysis

by Quentin Blount

CBS Sports lead color commentator Tony Romo has fans on both sides of the aisle speaking out on social media about his analysis during Super Bowl LV.

Shortly after his retirement following the 2016 season, Romo was hired by CBS to be the company’s lead color commentator. Somewhat surprising at the time, Romo got the job over other CBS commentators with more experience. He was tasked with replacing Phil Simms alongside Jim Nantz in the broadcast booth.

There’s no doubt that Romo has gained popularity quickly. Although the move created some controversy at the time, it all but melted away when it became clear that Tony Romo was a good fit for the job. He has a lot of supporters singing his praises on Twitter during the Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Tony Romo seems so at home as a commentator, happy for that guy #SuperBowl,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Other followers of the sport are fans of Tony Romo’s insight during games as well.

Lisa Ann (@leezleC) gave Romo props while taking a subtle shot at fellow analyst and former QB Troy Aikman.

“Troy Aikman may have the #SuperBowl rings, but Tony Romo is much better in the booth. #NFL”

Some Fans Like Tony Romo, Some Fans Do Not

However, not all NFL fans on Twitter are convinced that Romo is a good commentator. It seems like fans are pretty much split down the middle. For example, one fan took a shot at him as both an analyst and a former player.

“What even is a #TonyRomo?” the fan wrote. “Perfect example of someone who was terrible at their job, so they moved him to a different one that’s a “better fit”. Guess what? He’s terrible at that one too. #miltonromo#SuperBowl#howdoeshehaveaspeakingjob?”

Another Twitter user suggests that Tony Romo is bias toward Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

“Once again, the game officials & announcers are so bias to’s so obvious…just shut the hell up #tonyromo..your voice is irritating..#SuperBowlSunday #KCvsTB.”

And finally, one fan took a shot at Romo while also taking a shot at fellow NFL announcer Joe Buck. And they weren’t the first to do so.

“The best thing about listening to the team of @TonyRomo and @JimNance is that neither of them is @JoeBuck. #SuperBowlLV”