Super Bowl Streaker Hit Strip Club After Game, Removed From Stage

by Matthew Wilson

The Super Bowl streaker has struck again. Reportedly, the infamous streaker celebrated his brush with fame by going where else but a strip club after the game.

According to TMZ, Yuri Andrade, 31, hit the Penthouse Club in Tampa after the Super Bowl. Andrade, of course, garnered notoriety for running across the field during the game’s fourth quarter. At the strip club, customers cheered on Andrade as he jumped up onto the main stage and started dancing. He also proverbially made it rain by throwing cash up into the air like he was Scrooge McDuck.

The outlet also reported that Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s WR Mike Evans was at the strip club. The athlete reportedly cheered on Andrade during the stunt. After trying out the stripper’s pole, Andrade had another brush with security. The strip club’s security quickly pulled the man from the stage.

Andrade had reason to celebrate after getting out of jail for his national stunt.

Yuri Andrade Crashes the Super Bowl

Many probably didn’t have streaker during the fourth quarter on their Super Bowl cards. The game put quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes against each other for the title. Well, unless you count Andrade that is. The man claims he bet $50,000 there would be a streaker during the fourth quarter.

He claims to have won big by making that prospect a full-filling prophecy. According to Andrade, he made somewhere in the tune of $375,000 for his little stunt. But that’s where things get a little dicey. According to a global-marketing sportsbook spokesperson, no one would take such a strange bet. He believes the man to be lying.

What is more likely is that the stunt was a marketing ploy for an adult pornography website. The site was launched by YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who some mistook for the streaker initially. Zdorovetskiy, himself, has been known to run onto sporting events’ fields such as during the 2017 World Series and 2014 NBA Finals.

According to reports, Zdorovetskiy partnered with Andrade to promote the website during the Super Bow. It remains to be seen whether Andrade actually has hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where the duo might strike next is anyone’s guess