Super Bowl Streaker Hits Field in Tampa, Jukes Out Security: Video

by Joe Rutland

Streaking used to be something people did in the 1970s. Well, a fan decided it would be a good time to attempt it at Super Bowl LV on Sunday.

Some fan found his way onto the field at the Chiefs’ 45-yard line and started heading toward the end zone. Actually, he managed to juke out a couple of security guards before sliding down at the 1-yard line. For clarification, while he wasn’t wearing much, he did have some form of one-piece on.

Once the fan was down, a number of security guards slammed down over the fan at Super Bowl LV. They were cuffing the fan and eventually leading him off the field.

Here’s a view of the on-the-field action from the top of Raymond James Stadium.

With a worldwide audience watching, the action took place. How did people react to this stranger on the field?

One person tweeted out, “Play of the game.” Another one tweeted out, “He slid that’s a flag.”

Another Super Bowl game watcher took to Twitter and said, “Get that man a contract!”

One other fan expresses his thought: “Shouts out to the guy at the Super Bowl for catching this on camera.”

Then a possible Kansas City fan said, “Got more yards than mahomes.”

All this happens as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were getting closer to potentially winning Super Bowl LV on their home field.

Maybe the fan’s adventures on the field will give other people funny ideas. Hopefully, those who think about this action will remember that security officers gang-tackled the wild-and-crazy fan on the field.