Super Bowl Streaker: Meet the Man Who Ran Onto the Field

by Katie Maloney

When your team is playing in the Super Bowl, there’s only one thing to do: Storm the field wearing a pink onesie.

The Kansas City Chiefs were facing second down-and 20 at the Tampa Bay 38 with 5:03 left in the game when things got a little interesting. We’re almost sure Patrick Mahomes must have thought the pressure was getting to him when he saw a half-naked man running across the field. However, the half-naked man wasn’t an illusion. He was so very real, and now the image of a man in an 80s Barbie-Esque pink onesie is permanently burned into our minds. Although it isn’t a terrible image, he clearly works out.

But who is this Super Bowl Streaker? We’ve got all the details.

Super bowl Streaker interrupts Super Bowl LV.

Everything You Need To Know About The Super Bowl Streaker

Unfortunately, he’s not an enthusiastic fan whose spontaneity was fueled by homefield excitement. Instead, according to reports, the stunt was a marketing ploy for a pornography website launched by YouTube star and prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. You can see Vitaly’s name emblazoned on the man’s top. Shortly after the incident, Zdorovetskiy Tweeted “We f–king did it.” Zdorovetskiy also ran onto the field during the World Series and World Cup games. So, we guess commercials aren’t the only way to promote your brand during the Super Bowl anymore.

We really wanted it to be a fan. So, enough about Vitaly. Let’s get back to football. Perhaps, the most entertaining part of the entire incident was Sports Announcer Kevin Harlan’s coverage of the event. Harlan, who called the Super Bowl on Westwood One radio perfectly narrated the event for all listeners.

First, Harlan says, “Oh someone has run on the field. Some guy with a bra…He’s pulling down his pants. Pull up your pants my man!… Lord, now they’re cuffing him. But pull up his pants, whatever you do.”

The worst part, he didn’t even it make it to the end zone. Security caught the man near the goal line. Officials have not released any statements about what consequences will be for the Super Bowl Streaker.