Super Bowl Streaker: Did He Win a Massive Amount of Money Betting on Himself?

by Halle Ames

You may have seen a quick second of the Super Bowl streaker on TV Sunday night. Were his actions idiotic, or is this man possibly a genius? 

These days, you can bet on just about anything, the coin flip, Gatorade color, halftime performance, score, and yes, even if there will be a streaker. 

With just five minutes left in the game, fans see a half-naked man with most of his bum out take off onto the field. After a short-lived victory lap, the man, wearing neon shoes, black shorts, a face mask, as well as a hot pink swimsuit, four sizes too small, was taken to the ground by police. 

Who is the Super Bowl Streaker?

Firstly, he was reported to be Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and the joy run was a marketing stunt for a pornography website launched by the YouTube star and prankster. Zdorovetskiy ran onto the field during the 2017 World Series and again during the 2014 NBA Finals. While this is partly true, the grand scene was much more brilliant. 

According to, the streaker is identified as 31-year-old Florida native Yuri Andrade. Since being arrested for trespassing, he reportedly posted the $500 bail and was a free man by Monday morning. 

A Tampa News source says that Zdorovetskiy planted Andrade at the game to promote his brand during the Super Bowl. But the streaker took it a step further. 

Running All the Way to the Bank

Yuri Andrade played his cards right and bet a large sum of money that there would be a streaker during the Super Bowl. According to the Sideline Daily, “Andrade was spotted at J. Alexander’s restaurant in Tampa around lunchtime Monday, and Andrade allegedly claimed that he bet $50,000 on a prop bet at +750 that there would be a streaker at the Super Bowl — which would have won him $375,000.”

Honey! Where’s my pink swimsuit? WHERE IS MY PINK SWIMSUIT!

However, a global-marketing sportsbook spokesperson said that the claims are most likely false. 

“No book in their right mind would take $50K limits on that. Nowhere close,” the spokesperson said. “If there was one, I’d have been right there next to him in a pink tutu.” 

In addition, when the streaker took off, Sports Announcer Kevin Harlan hilariously covered the scene from the broadcasting booth. Read more about what Harlan had to say here.