Surf’s (And Fists) Up? Surfer Throws Punches At Bodyboarder After Wipeout

by Dustin Schutte

Surfers tend to be portrayed in movies as carefree, happy-go-lucky kind of individuals. But one wave-rider off the coast of Australia might draw more comparisons to a character from Point Break after his actions during a surfing venture.

The surfer and a younger bodyboarder were both trying to catch a wave in Gold Coast, Australia, per TMZ Sports. The two individuals bumped into each other, causing both to wipeout in the process. Normally, a quick apology and a fist-bump would follow this kind of situation and everyone could move on with their day.

However, the surfer didn’t want to let it go. Instead, he swam over to the bodyboarder and threw at least one punch while in the water. Eventually, the two went separate directions thanks to some bystander interference.

A video of the altercation was posted to social media via 18 Seconds:

Look, we all understand wiping out is no fun. It can be even more frustrating if you’re struggling to catch a wave. That’s the whole thrill of the sport. But this surfer probably needs to relax a bit. After all, the bodyboarder isn’t intentionally taking people out on the water.

This surfer probably just had a bad day. That’s no reason to start throwing punches in the water, though.

Speaking of Going Too Far …

Surfing isn’t the only arena in which things went a little too far recently. Protestors at the Tour de France brought the event to a screeching halt when they decided to block part of the course.

A group of climate activists stopped the premier event in cycling for 15 minutes, according to reports. Yes, that’s correct, climate activists halted a … cycling event. Crazy, right?

The protest occurred during Stage 10 of the Tour de France. Police removed protestors from the course and organizers were able to re-start the race. Cort Nielsen crossed the finish line first to close the stage.