Swoll College Football Ref Goes Viral for Never Skipping Arm Day

by John Jamison

We have one question for the absolutely shredded college football official who called the Utah State/North Dakota game Friday night: Do you have any NCAA eligibility? The man looks like he could throw a flag clear out of the stadium.

Christian Watson is the referee’s name. He has been making waves on the internet following his appearance during the game between the Utah State Aggies and the North Dakota Fighting Hawks. Why? Well, see for yourself.

When the college football referee isn’t lifting weights, he might be spotted officiating a few different sports. That’s right, according to The Crown Refs Podcast, Watson is the “Bo Jackson of referees.” Fans of football and baseball alike will know Bo for his unprecedented success in the NFL and MLB.

In his own way, Christian Watson does something similar. He officiates college football, baseball, and basketball. Not only that, but in 2019 he was apparently the youngest crew chief in D1 sports. The Crown Ref Podcast also reports that the career runs in the family. Watson’s dad was a two-sport official himself. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Watson started as a crew chief in 2016, working for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference before moving on to the Big 12.

When they came across him on Twitter, college football fans found the jacked-up ref highly entertaining. Understandably so, Watson looks like he should be suited up instead of wearing the stripes.

“Ain’t nobody finna challenge him ‘pass interference, 60 yards penalty’ yes sir, right away,” one Twitter user joked.

“They really need to start testing refs for PEDs. It’s getting out of hand out there,” another jokester added.

Boston College Football Team Pays Tribute to 9/11 Sacrifice

Boston College has an extremely personal connection between athletics and 9/11. Outsider’s Matthew Memrick broke down the “red bandana” games that Boston College plays each year.

Normally held in November, the red bandanas and corresponding uniforms serve to honor the memory of former BC lacrosse player Welles Crowther. He saved the lives of no fewer than 18 people after a plane struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Tragically, he perished as a result of heroic actions.

The honorary game is normally in November. But the 20th anniversary of 9/11 motivated the Boston College football team to recognize Crowther during their Saturday game at UMass.

“We talk about 9/11 a lot around here because of Welles and because we have a whole game that we dedicate to honor him and all of the men and women who lost their lives that day. If we’re playing a game on 9/11, how can we not wear the jerseys? It’s what we should do. It’s what we’re going to do. So, we said, why can’t we wear them twice?” Boston College football coach Jeff Hafley told The Athletic.