Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Devin White Rides Horses to Relieve Stress

by Thad Mitchell

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Devin White took to social media recently to express his love for riding horses.

In a tweet on Monday, the former first round pick of the NFL’s Bucs says riding horses is therapeutic for him.

“My name is Devin White and I ride horses to limit stress,” he says in one tweet. He then asks his social media followers to name ways in which they seek stress relief.

It isn’t the first time White has tweet about his love of horses. In 2018, he called riding his horse, Daisy Mae, inside of LSU’s Tiger Stadium for a photoshoot the “best moment of life.”

White Talks Love of Horses

White loves horses so much he once tweeted Tampa Bay Bucs General Manager Jason Licht asking if he could ride his horse to practice.

“I wonder if Jason Licht would be mad if I rode my horse dream to practice one day,” he says. White attaches a smiley face wearing a cowboy hat emoji and a horse emoji. The tweet also shows White in full football gear making a shrugging motion.

Licht responded in kind saying that White could ride his horse to the practice field as long as he didn’t park it in his spot.

“Mad?” Licht tweets in response to White unusual request. “I could never be mad at you. Just don’t park your horse in my spot.”

The former LSU star linebacker spoke about his love of horses to the media numerous times, according to the NCAA’s website. He once compared having horses to having children. Standing at 6’1″ and weighing in at 240 pounds, the aggressive linebacker spoke on his soft spot for his four-legged friends.

“I just ride and love horses,” he said at an SEC Media Days event. “They’re like my kids. “I don’t have any children, but those horses, I go give them carrots, take them on walks and rides. They’re like my children.”

H/T: Sports Illustrated