Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul Finds His House Overtaken by Roaches in Skin-Crawling Moment

by Suzanne Halliburton

Jason Pierre-Paul wants you to know, roaches like rich people, too.

The linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers posted a video of himself touring his own home, while noting all the dead roaches in the mansion. That was his Thursday contribution to his Instagram Stories, the one in which he pronounced that “you can still be rich … and you can still have roaches.”

Jason Pierre-Paul is starting his fourth season with Tampa, the defending Super Bowl champions. Since he grew up in Florida, he knows there are more roaches in Florida than in other places. After all, these bugs thrive in heat and humidity. And that’s Florida, 365.

So why not make a joke out of it since roaches are a way of life.

JPP said: “I don’t know where they coming from cause there ain’t nothing to eat!” He also named some of the bugs. One was Cici Allah. The other was a more benign, John Doe. Rest assured, the bugs were very dead. Pest control was working. Jason Pierre-Paul just wanted the bugs to stop trying to even enter his home.

Pierre-Paul May Be Bored. He Likely Won’t Play Sunday

The Tampa linebacker also may be bored. He didn’t practice earlier this week because of a shoulder injury. And he’s likely to miss the Bucs road game Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. Doctors told him he needs to rest his shoulder, so why not use that time with camera in hand, doing a bug inspection.

Pierre-Paul, 32, earned a trip to the Pro Bowl last season. That was the third of his career. The New York Giants drafted Pierre-Paul in 2010 in the first round. He’s the son of Haitian immigrants who stuck close to home when he played his college ball for South Florida.

He might be known most for an off-field accident in 2015 that threatened his livelihood. Pierre-Paul still was playing for the Giants. He celebrated the Fourth of July in his hometown of Deerfield, Fla. There were about 50 friends and family at his house. And he’s bought $1,100 worth of firecrackers, enough to fill a small U-Haul truck, to celebrate Independence Day. Just before midnight, he and a friend decided to shoot off what was left in the truck.

Pierre-Paul picked up the last rocket and couldn’t get the fuse to light. It was a windy evening, so his lighter kept flickering out. He said he tried to light the fuse seven times. Then boom. The rocket exploded in his hand. It blew off most of his index finger and caused other severe injuries. Doctors needed 12 pins to stabilize his hand. The blast also broke his thumb and damaged his middle finger. Plus, he needed skin grafts for his palm.