Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Location Revealed for Sunday’s Game Amid Hurricane Ian

by Samantha Whidden
tampa-bay-buccaneers-vs-kansas-city-chiefs-location-revealed-for-sundays-game-amid-hurricane-ian 1
(Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

As damage assessments begin post-Hurricane Ian’s landfall, the location of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs’ Sunday game has officially been revealed. 

According to ESPN, Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will continue to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. This was the location where the game was originally scheduled to play. Prior to Hurricane Ian’s arrival on Wednesday (September 28th), the NFL picked U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis as a contingency site for the matchup. This plan was made after the Buccaneers’ team members were evacuated from Tampa. 

In a statement on Thursday (September 29th), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shared details about keeping the game home. “Our thoughts and prayers remain with the many thousands in the Southwest Florida region who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Ian. We are also very thankful that Tampa Bay Area was spared the most damaging consequences of this powerful storm.”

The team then said it consulted local and state agencies. It informed the NFL it is ready to play Sunday’s game against the Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs further expressed gratitude to the first responders and emergency personnel who “are already battling the elements, saving lives, and helping our neighbors win those most impacted areas to our south.” 

Tom Brady Hopes the Game can Help Bring People Together For ‘A Common Good’ After Hurricane Ian 

Along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers statement, quarterback Tom Brady said he hopes the game can help bring people together for a common good following Hurricane Ian’s destruction. 

“I always feel like sports has brought people together over a period of time,” Brady explained. “And watching different adversities — whether that was 9/11, whether that was [Hurricane] Katrina — sports has an amazing way of kind healing wounds and bringing people together and bringing communities together in something to cheer for and a common interest and a common good. So I think anytime you can participate in things like that, it’s a great feeling.”

Tom Brady explained after what so many people have gone through, it’s great to go out on the field. He also hopes to give them something to cheer about. Tampa mayor Jane Castor also took to Twitter to reveal to share the exciting news. She also has assured the NFL that the only disturbance in the city on Sunday. She then added that is when the Buccaneers will “kick a—.” 

Mike Evans, wide receiver for the Bucs, also says he hopes that the Bucs can help ease the stress. “I definitely wanted to be at home. I’m happy I get to go out there and entertain,”  he said. “And it’s a blessing and I don’t take it for granted.” 

Evan acknowledges that everyone in Florida is going through a tough time currently. But he hopes the NFL team can be a bright spot during the time.