Taylor Heinicke Becomes America’s QB with Busch Light Celebration After Commanders Win

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Congratulations, Taylor Heinicke, you have won over America. The Washington Commanders quarterback became the NFL‘s heartthrob overnight, thanks to his post-game celebration on a flight home after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles.

As the team traveled back to D.C., Heinicke celebrated the big win on Monday Night Football in a fashion every Outsider will love. He turned a garbage can into a makeshift cooler and enjoyed a few ice-cold Busch Lights.

He’s also sporting his body weight in necklaces — a true Kirk Cousins look.

That beer had to taste pretty damn good to Heinicke. He led Washington to a 32-21 victory over Philadelphia, handing the Eagles their first loss of the season. The backup quarterback finished the game with 211 yards through the air while completing 17-of-29 pass attempts.

There have been some questions about who will lead the Commanders once Carson Wentz is healthy enough to return to the field. So, there’s a chance Heinicke’s days as the starter are numbered.

Although, after seeing this post-game celebration, fans might put the pressure on Washington to keep Heinicke in as the No. 1 guy under center.

Taylor Heinicke or Carson Wentz? RGIII Weighs In

Over the last four games, the Commanders have enjoyed some serious success with Taylor Heinicke running the offense. Washington is 3-1 in those four games, with the lone loss a 20-17 defeat to the Minnesota Vikings.

So, should the Commanders keep giving the ball to Heinicke? Or is it Wentz’s job when healthy? ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III weighed in on the situation a few weeks ago.

“Let’s be honest, the Taylor Heinicke experience happens every single week, the fans just overlook it because more times than not this year, he’s been able to come out on top with some late-game magic,” Griffin told The Team 980. “But the way I look at it is that Heinicke had an opportunity to go out and really solidify the job as his moving forward … and he dropped the ball.”

In the last four games, Heinicke has thrown for 840 yards with five touchdowns and four interceptions. He’s maintained a 62% completion rate, too. While those numbers aren’t eye-popping, it’s enough to rattle off three wins.

“You look at Taylor Heinicke and he’s had those opportunities only, in my opinion, because the defense has played so well to keep them in games when he’s been the starter. If the defense is going to play like that, who would you rather have at the end – would you rather have Carson or would you rather have Heinicke? Probably Heinicke.

“But with the way he has played up and down over the past few games, there’s no question that when Carson comes back, he should be the guy.”

We’ll see where the Commanders go after Heinicke led the team to another big win.