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Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry Does Another Nasty Stiff-Arm, NFL Fans Go Wild

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Derrick Henry is a different breed. The 6’3″, 247-pound running back plays a bruising game, and this time was no different when the Tennessee Titans squared off against the Indianapolis Colts.

It was the stiff-arm during Thursday Night Football (Nov. 12) in Nashville that got fans around the nation talking again. Derrick Henry’s doing what he does best, running the ball right through traffic that’s trying to pull him down. His powerful move that doesn’t discriminate was on full display during Thursday night’s game. This time the victim is Colt’s safety Khari Willis.

B/Gridiron tweets, “Derrick Henry stiff-arm 😤(via @thecheckdown)”

The caption’s accompanied by a clip that shows Henry shoving Willis off of him once, but didn’t completely break the tackle and was pushed out of bounds.

Reactions on Social Media on Thursday Night

After the tweet was shared, Twitter reacted accordingly to King Henry’s latest move.

In addition, others weren’t as supportive of the move saying, “Henry has had some incredible stiff-arms in the past few years. This wasn’t one of them.”

As a matter of fact, other thought this wasn’t Henry’s best effort. “Wasn’t his best I thought he was gunna bury that man,” this Twitter user shares.

Derrick Henry’s Stiff-Arm Heard Around the World

Derrick Henry is like a defensive end playing running back. His size and stature is unlike any other running back’s in the league.

Last month, when then Titans were playing the Buffalo Bills, Henry was at it again with his stiff-arm. And at the receiving end, cornerback Josh Norman.

The football move might’ve been great, but perhaps his teammate’s reactions were even better. Take this one from Taylor Lewan, “threw him into the suites! He’s sitting with my wife right now, and my kids.”

The Art of the Stiff-Arm, According to Derrick Henry

I think it’s safe to say that this running back’s mastered the stiff-arm, especially after humiliating Josh Norman. Besides his size, Henry’s stiff-arm is just another one of his weapons.

In this video shared by the Tennessee Titan’s Twitter account, King Henry shares his secrets on the art of the stiff-arm.

Henry gives some pointers on how to deliver the stiff-arm. He also says he doesn’t have a favorite stiff-arm because he does it all the time. It’s something that comes naturally and it’s a “natural” move for the Titan.