Tennessee Titans Fans Face Massive Traffic Disruption With Hazmat Spill Just Outside Nissan Stadium

by Samantha Whidden

Bad news, Tennessee Titans fans. Getting out of Nissan Stadium is going to be a real pain after the Sunday afternoon football game.

According to NBC affiliate WSMV, an accident involving two tractor-trailers is currently causing some traffic headaches. Nashville Fire shared with the media outlet two semis were involved in an accident. The situation occurred on I-24 East near I-40 downtown. This is near the Nissan Stadium where the Tennessee Titans are currently playing.

To make matters worse, one of the semis was leaking an unknown fluid onto the roadway. This is resulting in hazmat crews from Nashville Fire being called onto the scene. 

The crew has discovered that the leaking substance was a compound product. Which included an adhesive used in Scotch Guard. Nashville Fire is said to have contained the spill and is turning the situation over to TDOT. 

There has yet to be a timeline as to when the road is set to reopen. 

This story is developing.

Tennessee Titans Fans Chanted ‘USA’ Prior to the Season Opener’s Kickoff

As previously reported, Tennessee Titans fans began chanting “USA” after the National Anthem was played during the game’s pregame. OutKick host, Clay Travis experienced the whole situation in person and tweeted, “Entire @titans stadium breaks out in USA chant after the anthem. Love it.”

The Metro Nashville PD tweeted, “On 9/11 anniversary weekend, we are proud to team with the @NashvilleFD to provide the color guard for today’s @titans game v Arizona. Go Titans!”

A total of four American Flags also are on display on the Tennessee Titans’ field. Along with the participation from the Nashville police and fire departments, there was an incredible flyover

Tennessee Titans React to the Team’s Efforts During the 2021 Season Opener

The Tennessee Titans may have started out strong when it comes to motivation, but the team quickly began to struggle against the Arizona Cardinals. The Titans ended up falling to the Cardinals 38-13. 

Following the unfortunate loss, the Tennessee Titans fans sounded off on Twitter their frustration about how the team played. One fan wrote, “Tennessee @Titans  didn’t show up for this season opener vs. @AZCardinals  so embarrassing getting out Coach [and] out Played in all 3 phases of the game. Got to make some corrections for next week game. #GotToTitanUp

Meanwhile, another Twitter user spoke up about the team’s performance. “Tennessee Titans provide more evidence that the NFL is a TEAM GAME.  It’s only game 1. But winning franchises build complete, deep rosters w/ complementary stars.”

Another fan goes on to tweet that the team may be “allergic” to winning. “Every year: My Tennessee Titans are allergic to winning. I guess we have too much shit to do & said ‘F– the Super Bowl.’ If I have to chose, I’ll take beating the Colts twice a year. #TitanUp

The Tennessee Titans are playing against the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday (September 19th)