Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel Once Told Phillip Rivers ‘He Isn’t Drew Brees, Won’t be Drew Brees’

by Will Shepard

As Thursday night football is set to get underway, Dianna Russini interviewed the Titans head coach. The ESPN reporter reminds Mike Vrabel what he once said to former San Diego Charger, and current Indianapolis Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers.

As can be seen in the video, Mike Vrabel in the heat of a game, told Phillip Rivers that, “he isn’t Drew Brees, won’t be Drew Brees, and everyone knows it.”

Although famous for his in-game chirps, Rivers certainly was bested by this comment from Vrabel. However, despite this, Rivers is still playing at a high level a decade-plus later.

Vrabel Inspires Greatness

Rivers so far this season, has thrown for 2,087 yards with 10 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Although not his most impressive numbers ever, he still stands out as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Throughout his career though, his numbers certainly seem like they will make him a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Over 236 games, Rivers has 61,358 passing yards, 407 touchdowns and 207 interceptions. Undoubtedly Rivers will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

However, when comparing to Drew Brees, those numbers are quite human. Brees has 283 games, 79,536 yards, 564 touchdowns and 240 interceptions. Moreover, Brees currently holds the record for touchdown passes, completions, and passing yards.

This hilarious snippet of their conversation showcases the kind of player Vrabel likes. Someone who works hard in the trenches and loves to battle it out will do well.

A tough AFC South battle takes place tonight in Nashville for first place in the division. Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans look to take a two-game lead. But Phillip Rivers, who isn’t Drew Brees, seeks to grab first place tonight with a win.

This sounds like an absolute lock for anyone betting the game, but fans just have to wait and see. So, sit back, relax and enjoy Rivers continue to make his own name.