Tennessee Titans Roast Will Compton on Social Media Over New Haircut

by Josh Lanier

Everyone has had a bad haircut but few can say theirs was so bad it required a press release. That happened to Tennessee Titans linebacker Will Compton.

He recently showed up with — to be generous — a less than stellar trim. It’s a Friar Tuck meets military recruit cut that Compton called a “low skin fade.”

Regardless, as soon as they saw it, the Titans social media team put out an injury report that listed Compton as being doubtful for Sunday’s game because of the bad buzz.

Teammates even joined in on clowning Compton.

Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown says of the cut, “It’s horrible. He needs to start over. Cut it all off and start over.” Linebacker Rashaan Edwards told reporters he thought Compton was joking.

“I’ll be honest, I was looking at Will and asking him if it was on purpose,” Edwards said. “If not, I told him he needs to fire his barber.”

Titans guard Rodger Saffold was blunt and to the point.

“There are no words to describe what he was thinking when he got that,” he told reporters. “It’s just a terrible, terrible look. And you guys can tell him I said that.”

Titans Linebacker Compton Says Team is Jealous of Haircut

Compton took the ribbing in stride. He posted memes about being roasted in the locker room on Twitter. But he’s standing by the haircut. He believes it’s a good look and his team will eventually come around. He likened it to styles seen in the Netflix period drama Peaky Blinders.

The Titans can clown on a teammate because the team is sitting on a 10-4 record and are on the cusp on making the playoffs, The New York Times reported. The Titans currently hold a 98 percent chance to make the playoffs and a 64 percent chance to win the division.

They also have Derrick Henry one of the most dominant forces at running back this season.

The Tennessee Titans travel to Green Bay Sunday to take on the Packers.