Tennessee Titans Rookie Wide Receiver Treylon Burks Provides Health Update as Training Camp Begins

by Patrick Norton

Treylon Burks flies down the field. His speed and physicality at the receiver position is what brought him to Tennessee as the Titans’ first-round selection in the 2022 NFL Draft. Entering the draft, many compared Burks’ skillset to A.J. Brown. It makes Tennessee’s decision to ship Brown to Philadelphia for the pick used on Burks all the more interesting.

But for the rookie receiver, the beginning of his career brings a layer of familiar adversity: asthma. Treylon Burks has missed a significant chunk of season preparation because of the illness. However, better conditioning and tackling his ailment has Burks ready to attack his first career professional training camp.

Already building a fine connection with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Burks opened up about his tumultuous offseason prep after the first day of camp. The receiver said, “Putting myself in situations where I knew my asthma would flare up,” Burks said, “and just be able to push through it.”

Burks regrets some decisions since draft day, but understands the importance of personal health year round. “Honestly, I just (need to) keep conditioning where I don’t feel it no more, making sure I am taking my inhaler before practice, after practice, just staying on top of everything,” Burks said.

Treylon Burks’ Budding Relationship As Replacement for Ryan Tannehill

With A.J. Brown’s departure from the organization leaving a massive hole at receiver, that’s where Burks steps in. But a sure-thing is almost always better than a prospect. However, in order to save salary space for the future, shipping off Brown became a necessity. It leaves giant shoes to fill, but a capable receiver to at least try.

But as training camp kicks off for the Titans, the connection between Tannehill and the rookie receiver is apparent. After the first practice, the quarterback said, “He has a long way to go, but him making plays like (he did today) does a lot for building confidence for a quarterback, for myself, and just knowing what you are going to get over there.”

What type of play is Tannehill discussing? Click play. There’s a reason they say job security is ball security.