Tennessee Titans Stadium Breaks Out in ‘USA’ Chant After National Anthem in Goosebump-Inducing Patriotic Display

by Jon D. B.

“Love it,” says Clay Travis as the entirety of Nashville’s Nissan Stadium breaks out into “USA” chant during Sunday’s Tennessee Titans game.

As the Titans and the Cardinals prepare to square off, NFL fans are ready. So ready, in fact, that they’ve packed Nissan Stadium to the gills for a phenomenal turnout. So when the National Anthem plays to a wildly patriotic crowd, the passion doesn’t stop there!

“Entire Titans Stadium breaks out in USA chant after the anthem. Virtually no masks in the entire stadium. Love it,” captions OutKick host Clay Travis on his official Twitter Sunday afternoon.

With a capacity of almost 70,000 seats – that’s a lot of patriots! The entire stadium seems to move with Sunday’s “USA” chant, and Clay Travis is beyond stoked.

So are fellow NFL fans on Twitter, with follower C. Pollock commenting: “Life seems normal on football weekends. You’re welcome America.”

“Even in CA in LA county where masks are supposedly “required” at outdoor mega-events, people rip them with off when they get to their seats and no one really enforces it,” replies California follower Danny H.

“Why bring masks into it and ruin a moment of patriotism? It’s pretty easy to just be a fan of football,” retorts deathofasailboat.

Tennessee Titans Fans Bring Patriotism to Nissan Stadium

Another commenter replies that “It’s not about masks… It’s about 9/11.”

Indeed, this weekend marks 20 years since the worst foreign attack on American soil. And if anything can remind us to stand united amidst a global pandemic and shattering politics, it’s that horrible, horrible day.

So raise a glass, Outsiders, to those we lost, those who survive, and the place we call home. Titans game or not, it is a gorgeous Sunday to live this one life we have.

But it would be nice if the Titans could squeeze out a win today. So add in a few prayers on top of those USA chants please, ladies and gents. Nashville needs ’em.