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Tennessee Titans WR A.J. Brown Responds to Terrell Owens Comparisons

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images)

Do not compare Tennessee Titans’ wide receiver, A.J. Brown, to anyone. On Twitter, he clapped back to those who compared him to Terrell Owens. 

Tennessee Titans A.J. Brown Responds

In a tweet from this afternoon, PFF forecaster Eric Eager compared 23-year-old Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown to six-time former NFL Pro Bowler and Hall of Fame wide receiver, Terrell Owens

Although Eager meant the statement as a compliment, Brown didn’t appreciate it. He responded to the tweet with a simple caption to remind everyone who he is.

“AJ Brown is AJ Brown”

After his junior season at Ole Miss, Brown entered the 2019 NFL Draft where the Tennessee Titans selected him in the second round at 51st overall. This year Brown has had 837 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. In his two-year professional career with the Titans, he has had 1,888 receiving yards with 17 touchdowns.

DK Metcalf

Similarly, good friend and former Ole Miss teammate DK Metcalf didn’t like it when he was compared to another player. 

After Metcalf had a standout game against the Eagles in Week 11, he admitted to having extra motivation prior to the start. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz told the record-holding receiver that he “wasn’t there yet” when comparing Metcalf to Calvin Johnson, also known as Megatron. 

While it was also meant as a compliment, it lit a fire in Metcalf that led him to an outstanding performance. 

After the game, he admits in an interview that he just wants to be himself. Read more about the interview here.

“In my mind, I’m not trying to be Megatron,” Metcalf says. “I’m trying to be me. I had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game.”

For future reference, probably don’t compare A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf, or any other player to one another, or at least not to their face.