Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Sounds Off On Obnoxious Fan During Wimbledon Final: ‘She’s Drunk Out of Her Mind’

by Dustin Schutte

At some point during Sunday’s Wimbledon final, Nick Kyrgios reached his breaking point. An obnoxious – and, according to Kyrgios, drunken – fan got a little too chatty during one of the premier tournaments in sports.

Kyrgios faced Novak Djokovic in the final match at Wimbledon on Sunday, hoping to end the “Joker’s” run on the grass courts at three-straight championships. The 27-year-old from Australia put up a strong fight, especially early in the match, taking the first set 6-4.

But as the match proceeded, Kyrgios grew increasingly frustrated with an irritating fan. At one point, Kyrgios lost his cool and voiced his displeasure with the official on the court. He didn’t hold back in his comments, either.

“She’s distracting me when I’m serving in a Wimbledon final,” Kyrgios told the judge. “There’s not a bigger occasion. You didn’t believe me, and then she did it again. It nearly cost me the game.

“Why is she still here?! She’s drunk out of her mind and talking to me in the middle of a game. … She’s the one who looks like she’s had 700 drinks.”

It’s unclear if officials removed the woman “who looks like she had 700 drinks” from the Wimbledon final at any point.

The distractions in the crowd and the play of Djokovic proved too much for Kyrgios to overcome in Sunday’s Wimbledon final. Djokovic closed out the match by winning three consecutive sets to claim his fourth Wimbledon title and 21st major championship.

Kyrgios will undoubtedly get more opportunities to win a Wimbledon championship in the future. Hopefully, when that time comes, the Australian tennis star won’t have to deal with any obnoxious fans.

What’s Going on With Fans at Major Sporting Events?

The spat between Nick Kyrgios and a fan at Wimbledon isn’t the only issue involving fans at a major sporting event this month. Earlier in July, a spectator got a little too close to cyclists during the Tour de France, causing a major accident.

Daniel Oss collided violently with a fan during Stage 5 of this year’s Tour de France and suffered a fractured bone in his neck. Somehow, someway, the Italian cyclist was able to finish the stage.

However, after crossing the finish line and undergoing further medical evaluation, it was discovered that he sustained a broken neck. Oss withdrew from the Tour de France as a result of the accident.

Fan support and enthusiasm is a big part of sports. Their engagement makes these major events a lot of fun. But so far this month, there have been some major problems with spectators at both the Tour de France and Wimbledon.

Maybe a few of these spectators should take it down a notch before attending another sporting event.