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Terrell Owens Wants to Make NFL Comeback With Playoff Team

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images)

As the playoffs near, some teams are looking to add depth at some positions. For teams that need a receiver, Terrell Owens is available. Although his latest gig on a football field was in the Fan Controlled Football league for the Knights of Degen (real), TO wants NFL teams to give him a look.

In his prime, Terrell Owens was a versatile weapon on offense. He made many big plays alongside quarterback Tony Romo in Dallas as a part of the Cowboys. Even before that, he was a terror for both the 49ers and the Eagles. He had a long and successful career.

Even though he last played for an NFL team in 2012 when he was a member of the Seahawks, the 49-year-old insists he’s still got it.

On The Morning Roast show on 95.7 The Game, Owens talked about a potential comeback.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” he said when asked about how he’d fit in with the 49ers. “Hey look, man, I’ve already kind of sprinkled some words out there. Like yo, if you guys need a receiver, I’m good. Listen here third down, red zone, trust me. I’m a very valuable asset.

“I’ve been training … I’m already ready, I’ve already reached out to Jed York, I’ve told him ‘Yo if you need somebody, I’m definitely a viable [option].”

NFL fans have seen this song and dance before, though.

Can Terrell Owens Really Make a Comeback?

Ever since he was out of the NFL in 2012, we have heard rumors about Terrell Owens making comeback. He is always quick to say that he can provide any team with a boost of extra offense. At 49, that doesn’t feel possible. There are also a ton of great young receivers out there that have found their place with various teams.

While most folks want to know where Odell Beckham Jr. will end up come the playoffs, no one really asks about TO. Although the former NFL receiver was seen running a very fast 40-yard dash earlier this year. I have no doubt that he’s in great shape, but there’s likely a reason he isn’t on an NFL roster right now.

What do you think, Outsiders? Would you like your favorite team to sign Terrell Owens for the postseason? Is it worth giving him a workout if nothing else?