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Terry Bradshaw Claims Josh Allen Has Better Arm than Patrick Mahomes, Rest of NFL

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw has definitely made some bold claims in the past and he did that once again during this afternoon’s pregame show for FOX Sports.

While previewing tonight’s showdown between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, the Hall of Famer made a controversial claim about Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

“There is not a better arm in the NFL than Josh Allen,” Bradshaw said during the FOX pregame show.

Now there are a couple of pretty good quarterbacks playing right now in the NFC Championship game. We have a feeling that the presumptive MVP Aaron Rodgers and the GOAT Tom Brady might have something to say about the “best arm” debate.

Not to mention Allen’s counterpart in the AFC Championship game tonight, Patrick Mahomes. Surely the former NFL MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP might have a claim to best arm too? And what about Deshaun Watson? All he did was lead the NFL in passing yards with a mediocre team around him.

Nonetheless, we’ll get to see who has the better arm between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes very shortly.

Terry Bradshaw Not Completely Wrong About Josh Allen

Now, don’t get it twisted. No one can deny Allen’s pure arm talent, especially after seeing all the success he had this year. However, it seems like Terry Bradshaw may have forgotten about quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. They have shown that they can make throws that most quarterbacks can only dream of.

After this year, it’s fair to say that Allen deserves to at least be in the conversation for “best arm in the NFL.” But to say that he is definitely above the rest of the league is quite the stretch from Bradshaw. There are simply too many great quarterbacks in this league, such as Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, Watson, and Russell Wilson.

Just last year, Allen was still viewed as a little bit of a raw thrower. He only entered the “elite” conversation this year and didn’t lead NFL quarterbacks in any of the main stat categories. Those include yards, touchdowns, yards-per-pass, interception percentage, competition percentage, etc.

However, Allen, no doubt has an incredibly powerful arm and is positioned to be a top quarterback in the NFL for a long time. But saying he has the best arm now is simply a stretch considering he doesn’t have the stats or accolades to back it up.

Maybe Bradshaw meant that Allen has the strongest arm? That is probably a true statement, but that’s not at all what he said. And even if he does have the strongest arm out of that group, that most certainly doesn’t mean it’s the best.

All that being said, Allen could help prove the bold take from Terry Bradshaw. That is if he is able to outperform Mahomes in the AFC Championship game tonight. Here’s how to watch.