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Terry Bradshaw Explains Why Michael Strahan’s ‘Trainwreck’ Comment is Actually a ‘Compliment’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

FOX Sports’s Terry Bradshaw recently made an appearance The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about his new E! show, The Bradshaw Bunch. During the show, Kelly Clarkson had a surprise waiting for Bradshaw.

Clarkson showed Bradshaw a video clip of his co-worker, Michael Strahan, making fun of the Hall-of-Famer. Clarkson brings up how Bradshaw works as an NFL analyst for one of FOX’s top shows, FOX NFL Sunday.

In the video, Strahan calls Bradshaw a “trainwreck.” During the hilarious interview, Strahan makes fun of Bradshaw’s unique sportscasting tactics. Bradshaw and Clarkson immediately begin laughing about it.

“I heard that you could take my job on Sunday and just talk football all day,” Strahan says to Clarkson. She responds by saying, “I mean if you like a train wreck, yep.”

Strahan was quick on his feet and responded with a joke about Bradshaw.

“Well we love a train wreck we have Terry Bradshaw on our show!” Strahan jokes.

Terry Bradshaw Says Strahan’s Comment is a ‘Compliment’

Meanwhile, Clarkson says that Strahan is making fun of her too, to which Bradshaw responded, “well you know, that’s a compliment.” Bradshaw says that he’d much rather be entertaining than just break down the X’s and O’s of the game.

As for himself, he points out that, he’s 72 years old, going on 2 years old. Bradshaw says that he is reverting back to his childish ways, making this clip all the more pertinent.

Even with Bradshaw’s antics, FOX NFL Sunday is a seamless and noteworthy telecast that millions of people watch weekly. Bradshaw gives NFL fans an air of lightheartedness and comedy that many other sports broadcasts lack.

Bradshaw seems to be well on his way to carrying his own TV show. Now that he and his family have a new hit show, his craziness seems to be just getting started.

The former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been with FOX NFL Sunday since its inception in 1994. Furthermore, his work on America’s most-watched NFL pregame show for 26 consecutive years has earned him three Sports Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Sports Personality/Analyst category in 1999, 2001, and 2008.