Terry Bradshaw Responds to Social Media Saying He Should Retire Amid Cancer Battle

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

While opening up about his two cancer diagnoses, Terry Bradshaw responds to those saying that he should retire amid his health woes. “I didn’t talk about it because I didn’t want pity,” Terry Bradshaw declared during his November 2nd interview with NBC News correspondent Harry Smith.

“I didn’t talk about it because a lot of celebrities — unfortunately, I’m one of those — when they say this, I think the perception around America with all the millions of people is, ‘Aw, look at him. Bless his heart. He has cancer. Well, my husband died of cancer! My kids are…’ I didn’t want that.”

Also during the interview, Terry Bradshaw revealed that he was officially “cancer free” and felt like his old self. He ended up being diagnosed with bladder cancer and neck cancer between 2021 and 2022. His first diagnosis occurred in November 2021 while his second diagnosis happened within months after. He explained that when he received some negative feedback from fans on social media, he decided he wanted to share his cancer story publicly. 

“I couldn’t breathe,” he recalled his appearance on September 25th’s FOX NFL Sunday pregame show. “That’s when everybody notices. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ Social media went, ‘Get rid of him. He needs to be off the air. He’s an embarrassment.’ And I was like, ‘Embarrassment? I got cancer.

Terry Bradshaw Previously Said He Was Having Lung Issues From Surgery During the September 25th Broadcasting 

On October 2nd, Terry Bradshaw made the official announcement that he had been diagnosed with two forms of cancer. This is why he was struggling through FOX NFL Sunday pregame show on September 25th.

 “I have a lung issue from surgery where a nerve was blocked,” Terry Bradshaw explained during a Facebook Live video. “And what is happening primarily now is asthma. When I get to California I have a hard time out there. So I have to deal with a lot of stuff.” 

Terry Bradshaw further shared in the video that he wasn’t going to downplay his health woes. “I’m not gonna deny I’ve had two bouts of cancer, one November and a different one in March – two cancers,” he explained. “My first follow-ups are coming in 40 days or three weeks or something, so I will know how we’re doing.”

It appears that the follow-ups were promising, given that he is now dubbing himself cancer free. Terry Bradshaw praised his wife, Tammy, during the Smith interview about how she handled the situation. “I can’t imagine not holding her hand when we take off on a plane,” the NFL legend declared. “Or when we land or when we snuggle up when we’re in bed together. Or when she’s sitting over there with our sick puppy.”