Terry Bradshaw Reveals He’s Recovering From Cancer After Fans Worry About Him During Pregame Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

NFL legend and commentator Terry Bradshaw reveals he is recovering from cancer after fans expressed concern about him during the Fox pregame show last week.

As previously reported, fans became alarmed when Terry Bradshaw began fumbling over his words during the September 25th broadcast of FOX NFL Sunday pregame show. There were even questions as to whether he should still be working at FOX. Other fans focused on Bradshaw’s appearance during the show. 

In response to the questions, Terry Bradshaw explained his circumstance on Facebook Live. He revealed that he’s had two bouts of cancer. “People are saying that I’m sick and I’m dying, okay, so let’s put that rumor to rest,” he stated. “I am not sick, I am not dying as I sit here and do this interview with you.” 

However, he did admit that he has been dealing with some health challenges over the years. “I’m not gonna deny I’ve had two bouts of cancer, one November and a different one in March – two cancers,” he explained. “My first follow-ups are coming in 40 days or three weeks or something, so I will know how we’re doing.”

Terry Bradshaw also shared that as of now the cancers are not there. He did address why he was struggling during the September 26th broadcast. “I have a lung issue from surgery where a nerve was blocked and what is happening primarily now is asthma. When I get to California I have a hard time out there. So I have to deal with a lot of stuff.” 

Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Think His Health Struggles Are Anyone Else’s Business 

Although he’s being open about his current health struggles, Terry Bradshaw also pointed out that he thought it was nobody’s business and he’s not one to talk about his personal struggles. “Have you out there going, ‘Woe is me, poor Terry.’ No, I hate that. I am just telling you to shut everybody up. I don’t feel like I need to explain all this because I’m a little tired of the rumors.”

The NFL legend further explained that he’s tired of people talking about him and people speculating that he’s dying all because he lost his breath on the FOX show. 

Meanwhile, Bradshaw has addressed how much longer he’s planning to be on live TV. During an interview with Men’s Journal in 2021, the commentator said he thought about when to retire. “There’s a part of me that says, how long can you do television? I am not through, I can tell you that. I live to entertain.”

Bradshaw went on to quote Billy Graham by saying the moment you retire is the moment you start drying. “I want to go on stage. What if I die on the FOX pregame show? I’d get the big numbers, right?”