Terry Bradshaw Reveals Why He Kept Cancer Battle From the Public For So Long

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

One month after revealing he is recovering from cancer, Terry Bradshaw opens up about why he waited a year to go public with his health diagnosis. 

On October 2nd, Terry Bradshaw revealed his diagnosis after fans became alarmed when he started fumbling over his words during FOX NFL Sunday pregame show in late September. He explained the situation on Facebook Live. “People are saying that I’m sick and I’m dying, okay, so let’s put that rumor to rest,” he explained. “I am not sick, I am not dying as I sit here and do this interview with you.” 

However, Terry Bradshaw also did not shy away from his health struggles. “I’m not gonna deny I’ve had two bouts of cancer, one November and a different one in March – two cancers,” he explained. “My first follow-ups are coming in 40 days or three weeks or something, so I will know how we’re doing.”

Terry Bradshaw then pointed out his current health woes. “I have a lung issue from surgery where a nerve was blocked and what is happening primarily now is asthma. When I get to California I have a hard time out there. So I have to deal with a lot of stuff.” 

On Wednesday (November 2nd), Terry Bradshaw spoke to NBC News correspondent Harry Smith about why he keeps his health out of the spotlight. “I didn’t talk about it because I didn’t want pity,” Bradshaw declared. “I didn’t talk about it because a lot of celebrities — unfortunately, I’m one of those — when they say this, I think the perception around America with all the millions of people is, ‘Aw, look at him. Bless his heart. He has cancer. Well, my husband died of cancer! My kids are…’ I didn’t want that.”

Terry Bradshaw Also Said It Took Him A Long Time To Tell His Family About the Cancer 

Along with keeping his cancer out of the public eye, Terry Bradshaw said it took him a long time to tell his family about the diagnosis. He then shared that when he received negative feedback from fans about his appearance, he decided to go public with his story. 

“I couldn’t breathe,” he revealed. “That’s when everybody notices. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ Social media went, ‘Get rid of him. He needs to be off the air. He’s an embarrassment.’ And I was like, ‘Embarrassment? I got cancer.’”

Although he continues to struggle health-wise, Terry Bradshaw declared he never was scared. “I don’t think cancer cares. Cancer shows no favoritism.”

Terry Bradshaw went on to add that after receiving his cancer diagnosis, his Christian faith helped him through everything. He also developed the attitude of “Well, if I go, I’m OK. If I stay, I’m OK.”