Terry Bradshaw Reveals Why He’s Rooting for Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

by Matthew Wilson

NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw has made his pick for Super Bowl LV. The legendary quarterback will be rooting for Patrick Mahomes during the big game.

But rather than have any personal stakes in the game, Bradshaw reveals why he’s rooting for Mahomes over Tom Brady. Bradshaw’s wife is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. And Bradshaw said the key to a happy marriage is supporting his wife’s interests.

Bradshaw’s wife is such a fan that the couple has even named a horse after the quarterback. Somewhere out on the Bradshaw property is a young horse named Mahomes.

“The young GOAT or the old GOAT? I’m gonna go with the young GOAT,” Bradshaw told Hollywood Life. “Being happily married, it’s important for me to pull for my wife’s guy. And her guy is the young GOAT – Patrick Mahomes. In fact, we’re in the horse business. And we named one of our really great babies Mahomes.”

Terry Bradshaw Got Patrick Mahomes’ Autograph

Bradshaw even approached Mahomes on his wife’s behalf to get an autographed helmet a few years back. The Hall of Famer revealed he doesn’t harbor any jealousy over his wife liking the younger quarterback. He also doesn’t have any ill will towards Brady, who passed his record at quarterback.

“I saw Patrick two years ago, and I got an autographed helmet for my wife,” Bradshaw said. “And she sleeps with it by the bed. A little upsetting, but that’s okay. So that’s the reason I’m going with the young gun. Do I care who wins? No. If Tom wins, I just think he already has two more than me. Get three. Get four. It doesn’t matter, not going to change anything.”

Brady and Mahomes will face each other in tonight’s (Feb. 7) Super Bowl. The match-up promises to be one for the ages and a highly competitive show of force. Mahomes will lead the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning defenders from last year. They surely would like to put back to back consecutive wins on their record.

Meanwhile, Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to only their second Super Bowl visit in franchise history. You’d have to go back to 2003, the last time the team had a Super Bowl visit. Meanwhile, Brady will be the oldest quarterback in Super Bowl history. He’s effectively silenced any doubters who say he can’t compete.

Who comes out on top is yet to be decided. But we know who Bradshaw is rooting for.