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Terry Bradshaw Show ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’ Canceled Due to Former NFL Star’s Health

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Terry Bradshaw’s reality television show will be going by the wayside. A report from TMZ Sports indicates that the former NFL star’s health is the primary reason The Bradshaw Bunch won’t be returning for Season 3.

The show — which aired on E! — was set for a third season. However, Bradshaw reportedly told producers that he faced a serious health condition that would require his “full attention.”

Reports indicate that it was mutually agreed upon that the show would not air a third season.

Earlier this year, Bradshaw revealed on the NFL on FOX that doctors found a tumor when he went in for an MRI. He was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of skin cancer. Doctors also diagnosed Bradshaw with bladder cancer in 2021.

Bradshaw recently announced that he’s cancer free.

Terry Bradshaw Opens Up on Cancer Diagnosis

Terry Bradshaw has been a fixture on FOX’s NFL coverage for decades. He’s been an outstanding part of the studio crew during that time, but the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback faced backlash earlier this year.

At times, Bradshaw struggled getting through the highlight segments of the studio show. Some fans wondered if it was time for the legend to step away from the broadcasting gig. That’s when he opened up about his medical situation.

 “Last week on the show, I ran out of breath and Howie helped me out,” Bradshaw said in October. “A lot of people are asking what’s wrong with me. … And I just want to address it and let you know what has happened in my life.

“In November [of 2021], I was diagnosed with bladder cancer,” the analyst recalled. “I went to the Yale University Medical Center [for] surgery, treatment. As of today, I am bladder cancer free.”

Bradshaw then revealed that doctors discovered skin cancer in March when he went for an MRI.

“Then in March, feeling good, I had a bad neck,” Bradshaw said. “I get an MRI, and now we find a tumor in [the left side of my neck]. And it’s a Merkel cell tumor, which is a rare form of skin cancer. So, I had that surgery done at MD Anderson [Cancer Center] in Houston.”

Thankfully, Bradshaw is cancer free. But because of all the medical concerns, The Bradshaw Bunch ends after two seasons.