Terry Bradshaw Speaks Out About His Cancer Diagnosis During ‘FOX NFL Sunday’

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Last Sunday, NFL legend and FOX Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw sparked concern among fans across the country when he appeared to be in ill health. Some called for his retirement, while others firmly stood behind the 74-year-old icon. Even his biggest supporters, however, couldn’t help but admit they were worried by his “painful” highlight narration.

This week, Terry Bradshaw responded to the outpouring of fan concern on FOX NFL Sunday, revealing that in the last year, he’s been diagnosed with cancer not once but twice.

He began by admitting fans weren’t imagining his struggle. “Last week on the show, I ran out of breath and Howie helped me out,” Bradshaw explained. “A lot of people are asking what’s wrong with me. … And I just want to address it and let you know what has happened in my life.”

Terry Bradshaw went on to admit that it’s been an unbelievably rough year for him health-wise. “In November [of 2021], I was diagnosed with bladder cancer,” the analyst recalled. “I went to the Yale University Medical Center [for] surgery, treatment. As of today, I am bladder cancer free.”

Just when he thought his health was on the rise, however, he was hit with yet another piece of bad news. “Then in March, feeling good, I had a bad neck,” Bradshaw said. “I get an MRI, and now we find a tumor in [the left side of my neck]. And it’s a Merkel cell tumor, which is a rare form of skin cancer. So I had that surgery done at MD Anderson [Cancer Center] in Houston.”

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Despite the sobering tale, Terry Bradshaw, exuberant as ever, finished it off with optimism. “Folks, I may not look like my old self,” he said with a laugh. “But I feel like my old self. I’m cancer free, I’m feeling great, and over time, I’m gonna be back to where I normally am. So, I appreciate your prayers and your concern.”

Immediately following the heartbreaking story, the entire studio cheered for his improving health. Michael Strahan then voiced what the entire team of analysts no doubt felt.

“Everybody here, we know what you’ve been going through,” Strahan said amid waves of applause. “You are the ultimate teammate and you know we love you. You hold this show together. And regardless of all of that, I just…we’re just so happy that you’re here.”

“We’re happy that you’re cancer free,” he continued. “I think you’re gonna give a lot of hope to a lot of people out there who are going through something very similar.”

Just like Terry Bradshaw, however, Michael Strahan couldn’t help but end his speech with humor. “But also… I’m just curious why it took this for people to ask what’s wrong with you after all these years,” he added, the entire broadcast team bursting into laughter. “We’re here for you, king! We love you, baby.”