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Terry Bradshaw’s ‘Straitjacket’ Suggestion for Antonio Brown Isn’t Going Over Well

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Terry Bradshaw’s “straightjacket” comment over Antonio Brown’s strange Sunday game exit didn’t help, and some fans aren’t happy.

The TV commentator and former Super Bowl-winning quarterback suggested that the star get put “in a straightjacket” and “taken to some hospital” on Sunday Fox’s postgame show.

BroBible and other websites magnified Terry Bradshaw’s words after the show. The talk comes after several episodes in the player’s career questioning his mental health.

The NFL has struggled in recent years with talk of hard hits damaging players during and after their football careers.

“If there’s no altercation and this is him just tripping off because he’s not going to reach a certain goal to get his bonus money — the million bucks — then they need to put him in a straightjacket and take him straight to some hospital, get him analyzed,” Terry Bradshaw said on FOX while chuckling.

So, Terry Bradshaw’s comments don’t help, and we could see an apology from him at some point.

Terry Bradshaw, Others Saw Brown’s Wild Exit During Bucs Win 

Over the years, NFL players have quit on their teams during the game. That’s become somewhat routine.

What wasn’t expected on Saturday was Antonio Brown’s exit during the third quarter of his team’s game. The Super Bowl champion Bucs had to rally against the 4-12 N.Y. Jets to win 28-24, but Brown exited before that happened.

After fellow receiver Mike Evans tried to talk Brown into staying and not make a scene, Brown took off his pads, jersey, and gloves and left the game. He walked, jumped, and ran off the field, drawing attention.

Bradshaw pointed out that Brown cost himself $1 million in bonus money with one week left in the regular season. Brown caught three passes for 26 yards and no touchdown before leaving the field.

The former Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw opened up to TMZ two years ago, saying he wouldn’t sign Brown if he was in charge of a team. Brown was coming off the drama of his time with the Raiders (blistered feet from unapproved cryotherapy, complaints about his helmet) and the Patriots (sexual, personal misconduct, harassment of an accuser). 

Later, Brown announced his retirement only to change his decision days later. With few opportunities left in the NFL, he landed with the Bucs the following year.

But this latest episode caused head coach Bruce Arians to say the Brown was no longer on the team.

Some Say 2005 Hit Messed Up Brown

But Brown’s had issues in his past, and many pinpoint it back to an illegal hit. Bengals defender Vontaze Burfict nailed Brown after Brown missed a catch during the 2015 NFL playoffs. 

Slowmotion video showed Brown crumpling up after the hit and falling to the ground in the late-game hit. Field officials determined Brown suffered a concussion. He left the game and did not play in the next playoff game, but the blow was so violent that many have speculated that it contributed to Brown’s mental health issues.

Brown later said that Burfict did not hit him that hard, but can he say that it didn’t help. 

According to the NFL Players Association, an average of 247 concussions happened during the last five NFL seasons. In 2020, teams reported 172 concussions.