Terry Bradshaw Trolls Himself Talking About His Bourbon on ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

When it comes to finding the perfect bourbon for your weekend, alcohol content plays a major role. NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw certainly understands that and considered it while crafting his own brand. But there’s actually a hidden (and hilarious) meaning behind the proof.

Bradshaw recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show to tout his bourbon, launched in 2020. The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback revealed that his bourbon comes in at a 103.8 proof — or an alcohol content of 51.9%. That pays ode to Bradshaw’s career completion percentage in the NFL, which was also 51.9%.

When Bradshaw suited up, that completion rate was certainly formidable. These days, a quarterback would be handed a ball cap and clipboard with that mark. Bradshaw knows that and had no trouble laughing at himself during the show.

“The alcohol content is 51.9. When you buy my bourbon — 51.9 was the perfect blend of water to the corn and everything that got it to 103.8,” Bradshaw said. “51.9 was my NFL completion percentage for my career.”

“51.9. Can you imagine Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, any of these guys, if they came out with a bourbon, with a 70% completion percentage.”

Technically, bourbon can be no higher than 160 proof — or 80% alcohol content. So, the names Bradshaw mentioned can take a page out of his playbook if they ever want to get into the bourbon game.

The Story Behind Terry Bradshaw’s Bourbon

Terry Bradshaw launched his own bourbon in 2020, stating that he loved the American aspect of the popular spirit. According to the website, it’s “distilled by a third-generation Master Distiller at one of the oldest distilleries in the nation” in the heart of Kentucky Bourbon Country.

“There is something quintessentially American about bourbon,” Bradshaw said two years ago. “There’s just nothing better than a fireplace, two fingers of Bourbon, a great cigar and Pavarotti playing in the background. I’ve always appreciated a good bourbon, and now I’ll be enjoying my own!”

Bradshaw’s bourbon is taken from barrels aged two to three years. You’ll get notes of vanilla, coffee, banana, leather and campfire on the nose. Sippers will taste cinnamon, baking spices, vanilla and coconut on the palette. Bradshaw Bourbon finishes with flavors of wood, vanilla and butterscotch.

On the bottle, you’ll find Roman Numerals IX, X, XIII and XIV — a nod to the four Super Bowls Bradshaw won with the Steelers during his career.

So, bourbon lovers and football fans, if you’re looking for a different flavor, Bradshaw Bourbon might be worth the taste.