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Texas A&M Aggies Stun LSU in Massive Upset, College Football World Sounds Off

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The 4-7 Texas A&M Aggies walked into their game against LSU without any fear and walked away with a massive upset over the Tigers. While LSU is still going to play in Atlanta for the SEC Championship, this game made sure that they will not be playing for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

We saw Clemson, Ohio State, Oregon, and LSU all lose in pivotal regular-season finales. Those teams all had a chance, at the very least, to make the CFP and now none of them are guaranteed to have a spot. All with the exception of Ohio State have no path into the playoffs at this point.

The Aggies made sure to put LSU away in the fourth quarter. Texas A&M had a seven-point lead in the first half. Then, the fourth quarter came along. That’s when the score inflated and the Tigers lost all hope. It wasn’t impossible, but it was improbable for this team to make a comeback.

This one ended with Texas A&M on top, 38-23.

Fans Clown LSU For Losing, Aggies For Rushing the Field

Fans were left wondering what in the world they were watching as the Aggies defeated LSU by double digits. Things kept going the wrong way for the Tigers and nothing could go wrong for the home team. Not to mention, the 12th man turned out in full force.

This game had so much riding on the line for LSU and for TCU as well. The Horned Frogs can breathe a bit better after this game.

“I have to imagine that TCU Football is sending a really nice care package down to 35W to College Station right now,” Jared, a social studies teacher said. “What a collapse by LSU in a must-win game. Props to the Aggies for taking advantage.”

Other fans were just beside themselves. There isn’t much else you can say after watching a top-5 team blow a game like that. It was in a hostile environment, but this Aggies team is not what it used to be. Just 5-7 on the year, although this last win was massive.

“Ain’t no way I just saw that the Aggies beat LSU,” another tweeter said.

“Aggies fans storming the field. Your team is 5-7,” said a fan. They kinda have a point.

Today was a wild day of college football. Upsets, CFP implications, and a lot of moments in between. Just absolute mayhem on Saturday.