Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher: Situation with Alabama’s Nick Saban Is ‘Over With’ and ‘We’re Done Talking About It’

by Tyler Mansfield

Jimbo Fisher has made it clear: He’s done talking about his feud with Nick Saban. Just like Saban said the other day, he has moved on from the situation – and it appears that Fisher is doing the same. Everyone knows it’s for the best not to continue to speak out about one another. They can just settle their differences on the field this coming season.

While both coaches have been in Destin, Florida for the SEC’s spring meetings, they were obligated to speak with reporters. Obviously, they were both asked about their public feud – and both made it clear that they’ve moved on. As Saban said on Tuesday that he has “no problem with Jimbo,” Fisher made his comments on Wednesday.

“It’s over with,” Fisher said. “We’re done talking about it. We’re moving on to try to fix the problems of what we have in college football. There are a lot more pressing needs than our arguments.”

Fisher’s right, and we all know it. There’s much bigger situations currently impacting college football than a spat between two coaches. While it was entertaining to see Fisher and Saban go back-and-forth, it’s for the best that they settle their differences and move on.

As Fisher said during his fiery press conference that Saban had tried to call him but he refused to answer, the Texas A&M coach ultimately changed his mind. According to Fisher, he and the Alabama coach spoke before this week’s spring meetings and worked things out.

“Made my comment,” Fisher said. “We’re moving onto the next thing.”

When asked about their time working together at LSU from 2000-04, Fisher said nothing happened between he and Saban.

“We were good,” he said. “We had a great relationship, had a lot of success. … Did well. No issues.”

Fisher and Saban Actually Agree on Something

Nick Saban said Tuesday that he fully supports Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), but added that there needs to be rules in place so it doesn’t get out of control. Just like Saban, Jimbo Fisher completely agrees.

During his media session on Wednesday, Fisher made a great point – saying the NIL era wasn’t fully pieced together before it launched.

“The answer is there is no answer,” Fisher said. “But we have to have that uniformity. I’ve said that from day one – how things are done, the way things are done. But instead of going, ‘Ready, aim, shoot,’ we went, ‘Ready, shoot, aim.’ And that’s what’s caused, in my opinion, all the discomfort across the board.”

No one knows if there’ll be any additional guardrails placed around NIL deals. As with anything, only time will tell.