Texas Basketball Coach Chris Beard Is Giving Up Beer for the 2021-22 Season

by Matthew Memrick

Fasting from beer? The college basketball season hasn’t started yet, but new Texas hoops coach Chris Beard is going without it for the upcoming season.

I mean, we all could go a few months without alcohol, right? I mean, we did come out of a pandemic, and some of us sit around quite a bit.

Though his team is ranked No. 5 in The Associated Press preseason poll, the 48-year-old coach is instituting a “team sacrifice” where each member gives up something important to them for the season.

He’s done it before, like in 2019 when his Texas Tech team went 31-7.

Ultimately, Beard believes that elite people make sacrifices and have discipline in their lives. The NCAA reported that college athletes binge drink more than regular college students. So, this team commitment could pay off with another killer season. 

Will the team’s alcohol corporate sponsors, Corona and MillerCoors, have any issues with this? Probably not. We all know the big beer business is in football anyway.

And nobody’s asked Chris Beard about liquor. I guess we’ll have to say he’s writing it all off for the upcoming season in Austin.

Beer Fast Worked For Chris Beard

Notably, the last time Beard made this commitment, his Texas Tech Red Raiders went to the Final Four. But he didn’t give up beer alone. He added desserts, candy, and soda. 

That year, however, he made one small exception.

He told The Associated Press he couldn’t part with Pop-Tarts in that 2019 season.

“Did you know a Pop-Tart is not a dessert?” Beard said. “It’s a breakfast. I’ve eaten a lot of Pop-Tarts, man, since October.”

The Texas Tech players reciprocated. Beard said some gave up Netflix after 9 p.m. Others gave up social media. The coach was even impressed that some gave up fried foods.

“You basically have to sacrifice something,” Beard told his team that year. “In our culture, if you say you’re going to do it, you’d better do it, or you’re about to get roasted.”

Beard, Like Athletes, Doing Nothing New

Other pro sports figures made similar moves during the season. In 2019, LeBron James said he gives up social media during the playoffs (when his teams are in it). Tom Brady also leaves the alcohol in the fridge during the season.