Texas Fan Goes All-Out With the ‘Shoey’ on ‘College Gameday’: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin

College GameDay is back. That means tailgating season will kick into high gear soon, and the fans down in Austin are getting things started with a little Shoey action.

A “Shoey”is the practice of drinking a beer out of a shoe—it’s really as simple as that. You pour a beer into a shoe, and then you consume the beer out of said shoe.

GameDay crews filmed these two Longhorn fans and posted to Twitter performing the famous party piece.

In the clip, new GameDay analyst Pat McAfee, known for his brash and freewheeling style, can be heard in the background yelling “SHOEY!” Rece Davis, longtime host of the show, started chanting “chug, chug, chug!”

A mustached man with Raybans and adorned in Texas’ burnt orange downed the Shoey honorably. He drank out of a dirty Nike Air Max shoe. Kirk Herbstreit verbally recoils with disgust, saying “ugh.”

The clip ends with McAfee remarking that the shoe was the “dirtiest he’d ever seen drank out of.” Considering McAfee’s well-documented history of partying at his alma mater of West Virginia, we’re not surprised the former Colts punter has seen plenty of Shoeys in his day.

Shoeys have been around longer than you’d think. The practice dates back to the early 20th century, where drinking champagne out of a slipper was a symbol of decadence and debauchery. Drinking from shoes also has origins in German military traditions. More recently, Australians MotoGP rider Jack Miller and Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo popularized the practice by doing Shoeys on the podium after victories.

Fans quickly replied to College Gameday’s Twitter post, sharing their thoughts on the Longhorn fan’s Shoey chug.

Fans React to College Gameday Fan’s Shoey Chug

One fan jokingly wrote on Twitter: “In front of the kids? Lock him up.” That tweet received eight favorites.

“Is College Gameday fun now?” another person wrote.

One commenter, obviously a sneakerhead, seemed upset about the damage the beer may cause to the shoe. “Doing that to 270s should be a crime,” they said, referring to the popular style of Nike Air Max shoes.

One person seemed to be disgusted by the Shoey, writing “that’s grimy” in their reply.

Another person used the opportunity to throw some shade at UT. They wrote: “Everything one needs to know about Texas fans in one clip…”

Others piled on to, writing that he did that “just to lose by 40 points today.” Another fan tweeted a similar comment when they said that he did “all that just to watch his team get whooped by a minimum of 20 pts!”

“His mother must be proud,” another person wrote.

Whether you’re on the side that thinks the Shoey is a terrific party move or on the side that thinks it’s disgusting, one thing’s for sure: this Texas fan is ready to take on the Crimson Tide. The question remains whether his Longhorn squad is as ready as the fan base.