Texas High School Football Player Slams Referee, Escorted from Game by Police

by Chris Haney
Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

On Thursday night, a video of a Texas high school football player blindsiding a referee with an intentional hit circulated online.

Officials ejected Edinburg High School’s star defender Emmanuel Duron following a late hit and unsportsmanlike penalty. However, instead of leaving the stadium after the ejection, Duron ran onto the field and trucked the referee.

In a clip that has made its way around social media, Duron is seen walking off the field with a coach after his ejection. The referee is heard announcing the high school football player’s two penalties and that Duron has been disqualified. As the referee turns around to pick up a flag off the field, cameras capture Duron running towards the official.

Fans can be heard screaming in the stands as they see Duron headed towards the referee. In addition, two coaches and another player are seen running after Duron presumably trying to prevent the incident. At the last second, the referee turns and sees Duron, but it’s too late. The player bulldozes over the official knocking him to the ground with a vicious hit. Chaos ensues following the cheap shot as the opposing team rushes after the player as coaches try to separate the players and keep things calm.

Subsequently, local police escorted Duron from Richard R. Flores Stadium.

Referee Suffers Concussion-Like Symptoms After Cheap Shot

The ref allegedly experienced concussion-like symptoms but walked off the field under his own accord. Local sports reporter Daniel Esteve shared a video showing the referee looking a bit shaken up after the brutal hit.

“A lot of people have seen the shocking video of the Edinburg star defender tackling a referee at tonight’s game… BUT for those wondering, the referee was able to walk off on his own power to the tune of a round of applause from the stands. #txhsfb,” Esteve tweeted.

Reporters asked Edinburg head coach JJ Leija about the incident after the game. He told The Monitor that he “can’t release any information on that. And I apologize for that. I hope you understand.”

Additionally, The Monitor also asked four police officers who worked the high school football game about the incident. They would not give any further statement on the matter past saying, “we are not at liberty to talk about that.”