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Texas School for the Deaf Wins First Football State Championship

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Dave Adamson via Unsplash)

It was the evening of December 12th and the Friday night lights were burning bright over Panthers Stadium in Hewitt, Texas. The air held an autumn-like briskness laced with tension. It was time for the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools six-man division one championships. The game was set to be a rematch between the Texas School for the Deaf Rangers and the Veritas Academy Defenders.

The Rangers took home the win that night. The win marked the first state football championship for the school that was started prior to the American Civil War. The season that led to the win makes that championship even sweeter for them.

The Texas School for The Deaf Rangers Had a Movie-Worthy Season

Before the season started, there was a chance that they wouldn’t even step on the field. The Texas School for the Deaf team usually plays eleven-man football. With a roster diminished due to COVID-19, they could not compete at their normal level. So, to keep the young men in the game, the school moved to six-man football.

Six-man football is a faster-paced game played on a smaller field. Because of these differences, teams are able to put more points on the scoreboard than in an eleven-man game. The Rangers had to adjust to a new style of play while also dealing with life off the field.

According to Texas HS Football, the Rangers’ first game of the year was against the Veritas Academy Defenders. In this game, Veritas handed Texas School for the Deaf a 33-point loss. It is apparent that the team learned valuable lessons on the field that night. That would be their last loss of the season.

When the time came for the championship game, the Rangers found themselves playing against the Defenders once again. Things went a bit differently in their second matchup. Texas School of the Deaf came away with a 31-point victory over Veritas Academy.

The Heart of the Team

In a “Today Show” segment covering the victory, we get a look at the team, their heart, and their coach. This look inside the team coupled with the season they just finished is just icing on the cake.

The team’s coach can be seen in the video giving the players words to live by on the field, “Bigger hearts. Stronger bonds. Harder hits.” Coach Moore says he went into the season with a goal in mind. He wanted his team to go out and bring the glory home. They did that.