The Big Show Quits WWE, Signs ‘Long Term’ Deal with AEW

by Madison Miller

Big Show, an American professional wrestler known for his time with WWE, has announced that he is quitting his partnership with WWE and instead is now signing with AEW.

Paul Wight began his career in wrestling in 1994. He signed with WCW in 1995 with the ring name of “The Giant.” Here he won two WCW World Heavyweight Championship titles. Now, he is starting a new stage in his career.

A tweet from Alex McCarthy, who is the co-host of talkWrestling, shared the news on Twitter.

Founder and CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, made the initial announcement on Twitter.

Big Show’s Connection to AEW

Big Show has signed with All Elite Wrestling as a performer and commentator. He will soon be commentating for the upcoming show, “AEW Dark: Elevation.”

The wrestler had spent a long 22 years with WWE before making this massive career move.

“AEW Dark is an incredible platform to hone the skills of up-and-coming wrestlers, but I also love that established AEW talent can build out their personalities and showcase themselves in new ways on Dark. It’s no exaggeration when they say that AEW is boundless,” Wight said in a statement, according to TMZ.

AEW was founded in 2019 by Tony Khan. The company’s first clients were Cody Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Adam Page. The group was known as The Elite. It is the only company that has the finances to compete with the massive legacy and following of WWE.

Big Show signing a long-term deal could be a groundbreaking turn for the company.

Why Did Big Show Leave WWE?

Wight had a lot of success with WWE during his career. Between WWE and WWF he has seven world champion titles. He has also won the WWE World Tag Team Championships multiple times.

He has wrestled some of the biggest names in wrestling like Shaquille O’Neal, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar.

So, what made him want to put all that history and success behind him and start new?

According to, WWE and Wight could not come to terms on a new deal financially for his final contract. He has been open about his recent unhappiness with WWE. He was also moved to WWE’s alumni section on their online site on Feb. 19.

Instead, AEW has a lot to offer with new wrestlers and the ability to be a mentor.

“Paul is one of the most experienced stars in all of wrestling, and he’s eager to work with our diverse roster. He can benefit and guide our young talent with his mentorship, and his expert commentary on AEW Dark: Elevation will educate and entertain our fans, and also educate the younger wrestlers on the roster,” Khan said to talkSPORT.

Now AEW has a lot of attention. Big Show is trending on Twitter, which could help the ratings for AEW’s new show. “AEW Dark: Elevation” will air Mondays at 7 p.m. ET.